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No description

Sanni Kataja

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of FIN-AUSTRIA

NAME: Sanni
AGE: 20
ROLE: Writer
AT SCHOOL I LIKE..: Graphic Design
draw and play videogames, Netflix and chill.
NAME: Moona
AGE: 16
ROLE: Layout Designer
AT SCHOOL I LIKE..: Filming and editing films.
IN MY FREETIME I..: hang out with friends, watch Netflix and go gym.
NAME: Jonna
AGE: 20
ROLE: Graphic Designer
AT SCHOOL I LIKE..: Drawing with Photoshop and Illustrator
IN MY FREETIME I..: Netflix and CHILL! Sometimes graphic designing and
watching sitcoms.
NAME: Iida
AGE: 16
ROLE: Webmaster
AT SCHOOL I LIKE..: Photography, writing, Photoshop
IN MY FREETIME I..: watch series and movies, sing, hang out with friends, play games,
listen to music and take photographs.
NAME: Toni
AGE: 16
ROLE: Cameraman
All kinds of editing and drawing
take photographs, film, play basketball and do all kinds of things with my computer.
NAME: Luca
AGE: 18
ROLE: Writer/Photographer
AT SCHOOL I LIKE..: Photographing and
take photographs, hang out with my friends, roadtripping, Netflix and chill, learn to edit films.
Vocational Qualification
of Audiovisual Communications
- interviews
- 3rd year students and/or
2nd year students
- teachers
- taking photos (of people and places)
- introduction
- what does audiovisual communications include, what do we actually do?
- tell about the environment, avaible equipment
- an introduction film about our school
- interviews
- taking photos (of people and places)
- introduction
- what they are and what do they do
- tell about on-the-job learning at those companies
Companies that we visit are:

Loimaan Lehti
Loimaan teatteri
Trival Loimaa
Sun in eye Productions
Maybe Silkkipaino?
Ask Benjamin about working for Hurricane
- Why should I come to Finland
to study audiovisual
- maybe tell about studying and
living, depends on what
Loimaa team is going to tell
1st Week
2nd Week
7.8. Monday
8.3. Tuesday
9.3. Wednesday
10.3. Thursday
11.3. Friday
14.3. Monday
15.3. Tuesday
16.3. Wednesday
17.3. Thursday
Interview Questions
for students
for teachers
for companies
- What's your name, grade (2nd or 3rd year) and where do you live?
- Why did you choose to study audiovisual communications?
- what were your expectations for the school?
- What was as you expected, what was not? Did you get surprised?
- How is the usual day at school like?
- How is the usual day at school like?
- What optional subjects did you choose?
- What kind of demonstrations you've done?
- Where were you on-the-job learning period?
- What is the biggest project/s you've made or participated in?
- What is your main "subject"/topic?
- What has been the best part during your school life? (Interesting/fun)
- WHat are you doing after you graduate? Keep studying or go to work (what and where?)
- Tell us about your future plans! (and/or future dreams)
- How long have you been working in Southwest Finland Vocational College?
- What subject/s do you teach?
- How is the usual working day?
- How did you become a teacher?
- What is the best thing about being a teacher?
- What is your education?
- How much teacher earns?
- How many hours you do per week?
- How does your usual schedule look like?
- What's your name and role/title in the company?
- How long have you been working here?
- How long has the company existed/ when was the company found?
- Who is/are your biggest customer/s?
- What are your working hours?
- How is your usual working day like?
- Tell us about your current projects.
- What programs do you use?
- Have you had students working here for their on-the-job learning period?
- For how long/ How many students have worked here?
- What kind of work you can give them here? What do they get to do?

- How much do series cost?
- How much they've earned with one episode?
- Prezi introductions
- Took photos and
edited them, put them
in prezi and customize
the whole thing

- We talked about what we
are going to do these 2 weeks, planned what to do next day and decided to make questions for future interviews.
- Make appointments with:
- Loimaan Lehti
- Loimaan teatteri
- Sun In Eye Productions

- Ask questions from
teachers about schedules
for Friday and Tuesday

- Finish the timetable for
these 2 weeks

- Make more questions

GOAL: Have a clear picture
of the future weeks and know what we're going to do!
- Go through the interview
questions and try to think
of more (especially for
teachers and companies!)

- Interviews and filming them!
- students
- Prioritize 3rd years,
if not present then
2nd years
- In English
(Luca) or Finnish
(someone else)

- Ask teachers about their

- More interviews
- teachers and/or students
- Decide approxmately what
kind of photos to take and
go take them, others can make interviews meanwhile (ALSO CAN BE DONE NEXT MONDAY!)
13.30. PM Appointment with
8 AM Departure to Turku
(Be on time!!!)
9.15 AM Sun In Eye Productions
11 AM Niko Kotiranta (school) and Antti Korhonen (Yle) receives us @ Turku Yle
?? Turku's art museum and/or Wäinö Aaltonen's museum
After that free time

16 PM Departure to Loimaa
(Timo -> Hämeentie and
Viktor -> Myllykylä)

GOAL: We might not have time to interview, so let's take notes and photos!
- Interviews and filming them!
- teachers (all or those left)
- students (try to find 3rd years!)

GOAL: To interview teachers and students, we don't necessarily need to interview them all but let's try
to get interviews with the 3rd students!
Luca: 18.30 pm Bisons
- Go through the material we
- do we need more? Do we
miss something? Problems?
10 AM Appointment with
13 PM/ 14 PM We go to
Trival Loimaa
(Ask are we in group 1 or 2)

GOAL: Have the material to work
on tomorrow

GOAL: Get stuff done and ready
for printing!

Reminder for Sanni: if you haven't
heard anything of the process
of credits, ask about them (who does the credits?)
Get the final product done!

If we are not done then we
are doomed :( so let's try to
be ready here! (Like come on,
we aimed to be ready yesterday

18.3. Friday
We need to think more of company-exclusive questions! (Loimaa theater and Loimaan lehti)
Questions exclusively for Loimaa theater

- How often do you practice plays
- Do you record your plays?
- Where do you get your props?
- Have you had any collaboration projects with Southwest Finland Vocational College?
- What can you tell us about Loimaa theater's international activities?
- How much people do Loimaa theater employ?
- What equipment do you have? (audio, video, lights)
- Do you have any sponsors?
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