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Daily Life In Ancient Greece

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Katie Signer

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Daily Life In Ancient Greece

Skin Care
Women liked to have very pale skin in Ancient Greece, women used white lead which is toxic, to paint their paint their faces. They also used chalk to paint their faces, but it didn't last long. People used honey and olive oil as moisturizers.
Most garments were made out of linen or wool. A garment called a tunic was woren both by men and women, for men the tunic went down to their knees, and for women it went down to their ankles. The tunics for women were called peplos, these could be wore in different ways. In colder weather men and women wore a clock called a himation. They usually didn't wear shoes and if they did they were thin.
Greece's influnce today
Daily Life of Women
The womens life in ancient Greece was very boring. They ran the house and took care of children. They had very little rights and only really mattered in the community if they were a priestess. But women in Sparta had many rights, ran businesses and had parties.
Food on a daily basis
The greeks ate very healthy. They ate lots of vegitables and fruits like chick peas, lentils, cabbage, green peas, apples, figs and olives. With every meal they ate bread and olive oil. They usually drank wine or water. If they were to have a desert it would be honey cakes with yogurt on top with walnuts and figs.
Daily Life Of Men
The men in Ancient Greece lived a very easy life. The talked about politics, made arts and crafts. They also farmed and did construction. And lastly they traded items.
Daily Life/Food/Fashion in Ancient Greece
Daily life of slaves
Slaves did what you would expect them to do, they cooked, cleaned farmed, worked in stores and mines. They couldn't buy their way out of slavery because they didn't earn any money, so once they were a slave them and their family were slaves were forever.
Food on holidays
On holidays they ate meat and dried fish along with their normal meals. Meat was very rare so only rich people had more often.
Olive oil, bread and wine are still the bases of Greek food today.

Long, flowy dresses like maxi skirts/dresses are inspired by the tunics that women wore. Gladiator sandals are also inspired by the thin sandals the Greeks wore.
People only had mineral make-up which helped them get paler skin. Women used red iron oxide and ochre clays with olive oil or beeswax to make lipstick. Eyeshadow was made out of charcoal and olive oil.

Hair Care
Women slaves wore their hair short, where as free women wore their hair long and flowing. Usually when a women got married she wore her hair up in a bun. If a women wanted to bleach her hair, they would use vinegar and lay in the sun
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