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Defending Ken Unballe

No description

paul heaton

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Defending Ken Unballe

Chlorine Fish kill After scientists did autopsies, it showed that only eight fish died from chlorine. It is the law that chlorine be put into swimming pools. Which would you rather have, a few fish die , or people die? Other suspects are more guilty. All other known causes of dead fish are caused by other things than chlorine. If you find Ken Unballe guilty, you have made a mistake because you have not found the problem. Erosion, acid rain, oil, and phosphates from so many other suspects do lots more harmful things to fish that just a little chlorine that is in our drinking water! Ken also mentioned that a water slide brings in tourists and helps the economy. What more could you want from a simple water slide? In summary, the water slides cons were a little drainage into the river, but you have to remember that most pools do. The pros of the water slide are the economy, tourists, family fun and good outdoor exercise!
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