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Inner Affluence Sales Funnel

Prosperity's Kitchen Team 5, Week 6 Challenge

Evelyn Kalinosky

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Inner Affluence Sales Funnel

Awareness Opt-in Nurture Entry Level
Customer Inner Affluence Sales Funnel Long Term
Customer $$ Twitter Posts 1-3 times per day LinkedIn LinkedIn Groups Guest Blog Posts
Once a Month Referrals Inner Affluence Blog Posts Commenting on other blog posts Speaking Engagements Testimonials Monthly Open Topic & Q&A Calls Guest Participation in Teleseminars,
Webinars and Online Interviews Blog Talk Radio Interviews
as a Guest and as a Host Workshop Guest You Tube Info Video
Once a Month Ezine Articles - Expert Author
1-3 Times Per Month Facebook Posts 4 times per day Facebook (4x daily) Twitter (3x daily) LinkedIn (4x daily) LinkedIn Groups (3x daily) Google+ (3x daily) Guest Blogger (1x month) Inner Affluence Blog Posts
(1-2x weekly) Ezine Articles (1x month) YouTube Info Video (1x month) Referrals Testimonials Open Topic/Q&A Calls
(1x month) In Person Speaking Engagements Guest Speaker Online Webinars,
Telesummits & Teleseminars Bi-Weekly Ezine Commenting on Other
Blog Posts (2-3x daily) Free E-Book Free 28 Day Audio Series Focused SEO Blog Talk Radio Interviews
as Guest and Host Organic Google Searches AdWords/Facebook Ads Free Strategy Sessions (4-5x month) Contact Widget on Website Guest Articles on NAFE,
HuffPost 50 & ForbesWoman Ezine Opt-In On All Website Pages Traffic to my site
from other sites Free Ebook Offer
On All Website Pages Free 28 Days Audio Series
On All Website Pages Ezine Opt-In Option
On My Blog Page Contact Widget On
Bottom All Website Pages Website & Free Offers
On My Business Cards Biz Cards From
Networking Events Guest On Telesummits & Teleseminars
With Free Gift When Visit My Website Facebook Fans (8-10 per week) Facebook Free Offer and
Sign Up Page On Business Page Speaking Engagements (Sign-Up Sheet) "Curiosity" Questions on Home Page
That Lead To "Is This You" Sign Up Page Monthly Open Q&A Calls
With Free Offer LinkedIn Business Page
With Free Offer/Sign Up Client Referrals Colleague Referrals Free Workshops
(Sign Up Sheet) Bi-Weekly Ezine -
http://bit.ly/YEcPvo Weekly Blog Posts
On Inner Affluence Informative Articles Via
Email (1x Week) Special Offers Birthday Cards Thank You Cards "Thinking Of You" Cards Personal Emails From Me Anticipating Needs
And Meeting Them Following Facebook/LinkedIn
Comments To Come Up With Solutions
To Current Problems Weekly Blog Summary Email Handwritten Notes Personal Phone Calls Free Consults/Strategy Sessions -
http://www.talkwithevelyn.com/ Special Offers Via
Email Segmentation Blog Posts Addressing
Target Market Challenges Skype Calls Bonus Freebies For
Including Address/Phone
# When They Sign Up Social Media Personal
Commenting AWeber Autoresponder
Series of Follow Up Emails - The Wealth of the Self Ebook ($12.95) The Wealth of the Self
Hardcover Book ($19.95) -
http://bit.ly/15WqQw0 Kindle Ebooks ($4.99-$7.99) Membership Program ($97) From Breakdown To Breakthrough
Toolkit ($47 + bonus) - http://bit.ly/Z2Lzrh Shot of Evelyn Coaching Session ($197) Mini-Coaching Sessions ($97) Free 3-Part Audio Series Moving From Success To Significance:
Intimate Conversations With 15 Successful
Women Entrepreneurs Audio Series ($22.50-$47) 3-Part Podcast Series For
Women Executives ($9.97) Women & The Dance
of Power Workshop ($97) "It's Never Too Late To Join The Circus:
Changing Careers In Midlife" Program ($497) -
http://bit.ly/ZIEdvn "This Ain't Your Parents' Retirement:
The New ReFirement Program ($497) -
http://bit.ly/ZIEdvn Sacred Success VIP Live Intensive Full Day In My Santa Fe Home Plus Before/After Services ($5000) - http://bit.ly/ZIEdvn Sacred Success VIP Virtual Day
Plus Before/After Services ($2500) -
http://bit.ly/ZIEdvn Sacred Success Total Transformation
Program - 1 Year Including A Book Written
About Their Experience ($25,000) -
http://bit.ly/ZIEdvn Coaching Retainer Packages
3 and 6 Months ($650/month) 2-Hour Consult ($397) Romancing The Self Critic Group Program ($297) Joint Project TBA - Changing Careers
Group Program from PK Week 4 ($297 - $697) Premium Membership Program $47/mo) Prosperity's Kitchen Contestant Wealth of the Self Video -
Talk With Evelyn free offer Wordless Wednesday
Blog Post 1x Month -
http://bit.ly/Wpd4e9 Monday's Muse
Blog Post 1-2x Month Wealth of the Self 12 Month Program ($997)
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