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The inventions of the Mayan Indians

No description

Hannah Chandler

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The inventions of the Mayan Indians

The Mayan Indians
By: Hannah Chandler

Inventions of the Mayan Indians
The Mayan Indians made many things that we still use today. One of the things they made were paper books. They also invented the sweet treat we call chocolate. .
How did the Mayans live back then?
The Mayan Indians had calenders of 365 days just like we do today.Mayans created their own writing system. They also kept correct trackings of the sun, moon, and all of the other planets. The Mayan people created great villages, but in 900 CE they abandoned their villages. Years and years after the Mayans left the Spanish came and found all of the Mayans villages.
Video on the Mayans
More Inventions of the Mayans
The Mayan Calender
The way that they made medicine was they squashed leaves until there was nothing left but dust. We play basketball, but the Mayans invented the sport. By 600 AD (after death) the Mayan capital, Tikal, had schools, hospitals , and huge sport arenas.
The Mayan calendar still shares many aspects with calendars employed by other earlier Mesoamerica Civilizations. Each calendar had 365 days just like we still use today. The Calendar Round is still in use by many groups in the Guatemala highlands.
This is a picture of the Mayan calendars
Did you know about 5 million Mayans still live in Mesoamerica, speaking more than two dozen dialects of the Mayan language and practicing some of the old ways. In 900 CE the Mayans abandoned their beautiul cities. Scholars still don't know why it happened it may have been because of overpopulation, overuse of the land, disease, or warfare.
This is a picture of the Mayan ruins
When did the Spanish Arrive?
600 years after the Mayans abandoned thier homes the Spanish arrived, and made alot of effort to reserve what was left of their language and culture. They made dictionary's using their languages, and kept very few of the paper books Mayans made.
thank you Mr.J for introducing me to prezi.com
thank you Shmson Yako for the amazing you tube video
thank you Wikipedia for all the information on Mayans
thank you Mrs.Bell for the amazing video and article
thank you encyclopedia for the lovely information
The Mayans main crops were corn, beans, and squash.They used the main crops to trade for glyphs and other pottery.THe Mayans used slash and burn agriculture to to cut and burn forest for a bunch of farming space.
Picture of a Mayan farm
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