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Jose Hernandez

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Avatar

Myth of the "Noble Savage"
Civilization and Race
Avatar Project
Social Darwinism
Darwinism is the survival of the individuals best adapted to the reproductive success of their kind, or "Survival of the fittest". This was later applied to human society, and defined as: product of natural selection of those persons best suited to existing living conditions
"Noble Savage" is the term used to describe one way europeans looked toward Native Americans, they though that natives were innocent, uncorrupted and connected with nature. Soon after their arrival, the europeans tried to civilize the natives.
Myth of the "Black Legend"
An idea developed by people who accused Spain and the Spaniards of cruelty and intolerance with the Indians they "civilized." Black Legend citizised the Catholic Church also.
What is Ethnocentrism?
Ethnocentrism is the belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group or culture.
Myth of the "Ignoble Savage"
The ignoble savage myth is just the perception of the natives as straight up savages without a sense of civilization.

Avatar Project, Civilization and Race
Social Darwinism applies to the movie because the Omaticaya Tribe and all the Na'vi people were the specie best suited to Pandora's living conditions since they defeated the sky people with inferior military tools and techniques.
By María Castorino, Isabella Pappalardo, Esteban Gorostiaga, George Alcaraz and José Hernández.
How is Social Darwinism is related to the movie?
Ethnocentrism is all over the movie, the sky people always thought that it was going to be easy for them to beat the Na'vi because of their superior technology, and they always tried to teach them their own culture and language. (Tried to build schools, teach them human costumes etc.)
Perception of the "other"
The End
The Omaticayan saw the humans as a threat before they invaded them. People were sent before Jake Sully and failed to get as close as Jake Sully did with the Na'vi
Why are these myths?
Both myths are not fully correct because neither all savages are noble nor all are ignoble.
Myth of the "Noble Savage"
Myth of the "Noble Savage"
Myth of the "Ignoble Savage"
How do these myths apply to the movie?
In the movie we can observe the "Noble Savage" myth at several points, for example when the Na'vi people connect their Tsahaylu, bond at the end of their hair, to different animals or plants, or when Neytiri saves Jake Sully's life at the endo of the movie. However the "Ignoble Savage" myth can barely be seen in the movie, as the Omaticaya tribe is organized and they have a sense of civilization, we just see it when they scream trying to scare animals or when they do irrational things.
Na'vi vs Human adaptations
Na'vi people could breath normally in Pandora, while humans needed special masks. Na'vi could also ride the animals at Pandora using their Tsahaylu (hair bond) but humans couldn't.
The humans saw the Na'vi as savages and were interested in getting the mineral under the home tree.
How does "the myth of the black legend" connect to Avatar?
In the Avatar movie the ones mistreating and dominating everything and everyone is some sort of way were the sky people. The ones being dominated were the na'vi. The sky people only saw the na'vi and their land as a resourceful place, the same way the conquistadors thought of the "new world". They treated the avatars in a very bad and coercive, their primary goal was unobtainium (conquistadors wanted rich metals...like gold).
James Cameron's Avatar Ethnocentrism
How he made the sky people:
- Scientists: wanted to learn about the na'vi, liked them, supported them, and learn their ways.
- Military: all they wanted was to get unobtainium, didn't care about the na'vi and treated them poorly.

How sky people saw the na'vi
Colonel Quartich was the leader of the disrespect towards the na'vi; he saw them as blue wild animals that lived in a big tree that was in their way to get unobtainium and believed in a force of nature that was not even real (Eywa).
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