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Making the Most of Your Class Website

No description

Ginger Hunt

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Making the Most of Your Class Website

Level 1 Website School 1 description School 2 description School 3 description Level 3 Websites Student Interaction Is your website a level 1 or level 5? (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio The path to Making the Most of Your
Class Website! Level 2
Website Barely a Level
2 Website A level 2.25
website Level 2 Sites Level 2 sites include Level 1 information
with information that changes periodically. This is classic Level 2!
It includes class news, photos, and awards. This gets an extra
.25 because it is a level 2
that includes
curriculum content. Here is an example of what you can
do with Google Sites! The purpose of a Level 1
website is to disseminate
information that does not change. Level 3 websites include Level 2 info, but also
include links to outside resources related to the
curriculum. It is updated periodically. Student use is
optional. It uses all one-way communication. Level 3.5 website.
It has an abundance of information
required for a Level 3 site, but I
am not sure it requires students to use
the multiple feedback forms it includes. Level 4 1.May or may not include info
from the 1st 3 levels.

2. Focus is on curriculum and student learning.

3. Student interaction is EXPECTED and REQUIRED!

4. Discussion forum, videos, photos by teacher and students, blog post, space for teacher and student response. Level 5 Websites 1. They are similar to Level 4 sites, but the students take on an even more acitve role in directing their learning.
2. These sites preserve prior work that is used as a springboard for future work.
3. Most are password protected.
4. Students can turn in homework, make additions, deletions, corrections or enhancements of content on the site . What can I add to make my website more interactive? 1. Wiki (with interactive questions or repsonses): http://wikiserver.cfsd16.org (4)
2. Blogger (add a response area): http://www.blogger.com (4)
3. Google Form: http://google.com (4)
4. Voki (students can play their work): http://www.voki.com (3)
5. Video (2)
6. Pictures (2) 7. Class news (2)8. Required curriculum question of the week for students to respond to. (4)9. Links to outside resources for curriculum. (3) 10. Announcements of upcoming school events. (2)
11. Calendar (2-3)
12. Maps (2-3)
13. Class rules (1)
14. Notes to parents (1-2)
15. Homework (2)
16. Book recommendations (1-2) .
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