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Because of Mr. Terupt Summary

No description

Aurora Wornham

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Because of Mr. Terupt Summary

Because of Mr.Terupt March/April
Girls Visit /James' Surprise
Hospital Party In November, Mr. Terupt got
his crazy math ideas to count
grass! Using samples they did it.
But Peter became the troublemaker
again. Using his cardboard square,
He hit Alexia in the "tushie". Since
Mr. Terupt was nice, he just made
Peter sit out, which Peter didn't
Take very seriously. December/January February
The Climax
In March, while Mr. Terupt was in the hospital, the class had a substitute but just stared in silence. Suddenly, Mrs. Williams came into the room and explained how Mr. Terupt was in a coma and it was an accident. Later, when Anna heard Luke talking about how he'd visited the hospital, Anna wanted to go, but not alone. So she got Jessica and Danielle to go with her.
The day they visited,they went through the hall and Jessica felt the same as she did on her first day of school. When they reached the door, it took a lot of courage to walk in. But they found a surprise when they walked in. Alexia was visiting too! She talked to Mr. Terupt and was crying. Jessica layed her hand on Lexie's shoulder and Lexie looked up. They hugged and cried together. Then Lexie hugged The other two. After that, they sat next to Mr. Terupt and gave their gifts. After awhile, they had to leave. Seeing Mr. Terupt made them restore their happiness. Eventually, the whole class visited the hospital. They talked with the doctor too. November
Counting Grass Holiday Party/
Free Day In December, Mr. Terupt's class started planning a holiday party and what they did was divide into small groups and choose a holiday to learn about. They had to include a research component, game, an arts and craft activity, and food for it.
Other people were going to see and play it when the groups were finished. Then, When Mr. Terupt was explaining, Peter
suddenly blurted out,"Mr. T, can we invite James and his friends to our party ?" That was a great idea, so they planned on it. In January, Mr. Terupt called for a class meeting about how their
chain will touch the floor very soon for having great days and what
the plan is for free day. Some suggestions were games,whatever
you want, and going outside too. So the plan they came to was
indoor recess then going outside. Then, Mrs. Williams Gave the class
special permission to go out in the snow as long as everyone had snow
pants, snow boots, hats, and gloves. In February, the class finally got their free day!
First the class spread out playing board games and other things, then went outside in the snow. Peter made and stuffed a snowball in his pocket even though Mr. Terupt specifically said "No snowballs". Then he saw Lexie after climbing on a big snow hill and pushed her down.After that the game really started. Everyone in class joined in and started wrestling each other down and running between two snow hills. Suddenly, Peter got knocked down and fell off the mountain and Lexie kicked snow in Peter's face. He was fuming and tried to get up but he got knocked into the snow twice. Then, that person held his face in the snow. He was so mad he jumped up, and threw his snowball. He hadn't realized Mr.Terupt standing right where he had aimed.That's when the accident happened. September
Dollar Words September is the start of school for seven
students and a teacher who are Jessica, who
loves to read, Alexia, the class bully, Peter, the troublemaker, Luke, the smart one, Danielle, who is very hopeful, Anna, who's shy, Jeffrey,who hates school, and Mr. Terupt,
a new, first time teacher who is very nice and knows how to deal with them all. The first project they do is dollar words. That's where each letter is worth a specific amount of money based on their place in the alphabet.
You have to make a word that equals $1.00. In April, everyone was moving on, still hoping and praying for
Mr. Terupt. Everything was boring again. Then one day,
Miss Kelsey entered and broke the silence. She announced some news and told about James leaving school, so her class was making a surprise party for James and Mr. Terupt's class was invited. She also told about how Mr. Terupt's class helped make a difference for James and he can go to a new class because of it. When it was party day, when James walked in, everyone said,"Surprise!". Then James gave Peter a big hug and said,"Peter, not your fault. Not your fault.",then shouted it. Peter cried and sobbed then Luke talked about the earlier cocussions and that Peter threw the snowball because of him and Luke hugged Peter and all his crying classmates hugged too. James got them all together. In April, Everyone had moved on but was still hoping and praying
for Mr. Terupt. Everything was boring again. But suddenly,
Miss Kelsey entered the room. She announced some news about how James was leaving and she was doing a surprise party for him, and she wanted to invite Mr. Terupt's class.She said also that
Mr. Terupt's class made a difference for James so he can move on.
On the day of the party, when James walked in, everyone yelled,
"Surprise!". Then, James walked over and gave Peter a big hug. Then, James stepped back and said," Peter,not your fault. Not your fault." and shouted it afterwards. Peter began crying, then sobbing. Luke told Peter the same thing, and told about the earlier concussions and how Peter threw the snowball because of him. Then Luke started crying and hugged Peterand the rest of the class started crying and hugging them, and James is what caused the class to come together. June
Mr. Terupt Comes Back It was the last day of school in June, and instead of playing and talking, everyone sat, wondering if Mr. Terupt was going to come back, and hoping he was. While the time was passing, some of the students noticed
Mrs. Williams acting extra happy as if she were keeping a secret. Then, while everyone was still thinking, Mr.Terupt came in the room. He was back! Everyone hopped out of their seats and formed into a group hug with Mr. Terupt. Everyone except Peter. The class and Mr. Terupt said they missed him and he missed them. Then Mr. Terupt noticed Peter and walked over to him. He looked at Peter, hugged him, and said he forgived Peter. Then, Mrs. Williams had an announcement. She said that Mr. Terupt and his class will be looping, or the class and Terupt will be moving on together. Everyone thought it was the best to have Mr. Terupt in 5th and 6th grade!
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