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Catching Fire

By: Suzanne Collins

Sterling Vita

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Catching Fire

By: Sterling Corum
Period 3 Catching Fire
by: Suzanne Collins Katniss Everdeen, joined by her district partner in the 75th annual Hunger Games, is a wanted citizen, but the Capitol needs a way to get rid of her. In turn, they decide to indirectly; by locking her up again inside the arena, this time with previous victors all searching for the title of all time. What she doesn't know is that some are working with her to save Peeta Mellark, another tribute from district who is madly in love with Katniss. Not to mention Katniss's best friend, Gale Hawthrone, who evidently has an issue with the other victor. Their "relationship" helped them to survive in the previous arena, but will it be enough to destroy champions? Plot In the post-apocalyptic world of the destroyed United States, leaving a "glorious" nation, Panem, containing thirteen districts. Twelve remaining, because the thirteen was destroyed by the Capitol. Most of the book takes place in the arena in a secret location every year which is a large environment containing an unpredictable synthetic wilderness. Setting Katniss Everdeen: Older sister of Prim. Katniss has been locked within trouble since she took her place in the 74th Hunger Games and is now forced to be in a relationship with Peeta.
Peeta Mellark: The male tribute of disctrict twelve who was originally Katniss's opponent, but in the success of their romance allowing them both to win he is now her boyfriend.
Haymtich Abbernathy: Katniss and Peeta's mentor, who is now a legend for keeping not one, but two tributes alive, and is also the champion of his Hunger Games, the fifteith and the second Quater Quell.
Wiress: a crazy old woman Katniss decides she wants an alliance with in the arena, who ends up revealing how to stay alive. Major Characters Sterling V. Corum created this presentation. Thank You! Cinna: Katniss's stylist who has become her best friend in the Capitol.
Effie Trinket: the district twelve's tribute escort to the games every year, who finally got some action in the reaping with their first volunteer.
President Snow: the ruler of Panem who believes Katniss should be punished for lighting the spark of an uprising within the districts and defying him along with the nations laws including the rules of the Hunger Games. Minor Characters Cinna is murdered for his rebellious acts regarding Katniss's outifts directly before going into the arena.
Peeta runs into the outerforce field, and is not officially dead.
Finnick, a swimmer of district four performs CPR to bring him back to life.
Mags, an older woman of district four, dies in the fog in order to save the younger tributes lives.
Wiress discovers that the arena is a clock by the time settings to determine that it is zoned for each time. Falling Action President Snow visits Katniss before her tour warning her he knows the romance isn't real, but that the citizens have to believe it. Otherwise, her actions might start an uprising.
Katniss and Peeta set off on their victory tour.
District 11 has an emotional ceremony and an outbreak of the population begins.
Gale recieves a whipping for illegal hunting. Rising Action Katniss discovers that she must return into the arena, because as the only girl tribute from disctrict twelve, according to the guidelines, the tributes shall be reaped from each districts existing pool of victors. Climax Major Characters (2) Beetee discovers his wire when the group returns to the Cornucopia, the wire he invented is attacthed to the tree that will be struck by lighting. Katniss is sent to the beach with Johanna to place an end of the wire in the edge of the water, where the wave already passed. They hurrily climb back up the mountain and chaos begins, but even in her daze Katniss manages to shoot an arrow at the chink in the force field destroying it and letting the tributes free. Resolution Personally, I think Catching Fire is the best book out of the Hunger Games series, and over all, the trilogy is fantastic. Both boys and girls should try this book, it is filled with action, violence, and yes a hint of romance, but overall the book keeps you turning pages waiting to see their fate. Opinion Gale Hawthrone: Katniss's best friend from her districts who admits his love for her, but still has to watch her fall in love with Peeta. Johanna Mason: The tribute of district 7, and previous victor of her Hunger Games teams up with Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick to escape from the Capitols grasp. Beetee: a technological genious of district 3 who discovers a way to escape by using the invisible force feild around the arena. Finnick Odair: Male victor from the fourth of the 65th Hunger Games, who helps Katniss and Peeta to stay alive in the third Quater Quell. Primrose Everdeen: the younger sister of Katniss who was almost exposed to the violence of the arena if her sister hadn't volunteered for her.
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