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Graphing linear equations

learn how to use slope and y intercept to write and graph equations on a coordinate plane.

Renee Downey

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Graphing linear equations

Review Slope
Y intercept Writing an Equation Graphing a line Slope intercept form x and y axis' x y Coordinates Coordinates are points
on a graph. They are
always written in the form
(x,y) The x coordinate represents the distance
left or right from the ORIGIN (0,0)

If the point is Left of the origin then the
x coordinate is negative.

If the point is right of the origin then the
x coordinate is positive The y coordinate represents the disstance
up or down from the ORIGIN (0,0)

If the point is UP from the origin then the
y coordinate is positive

If the point is down from the origin then then
y coordinate is negative Definitions:
The change in y over the change in x
Always write slope in fraction form
How far your line moves up/down and to the right from the left most point.
Represented by the letter m
m = y1 -y2

(5,2) (4,-8)

-8 - 2 -10 10
------- = ----- = -----
4-5 -1 1 Use the left most point...(-2,0)
move up first (up 3) then to the
right (2 to the right)...
now write it as a fraction:

m= 3/2 Definition:
Where the line crosses the
y axis.
Represented by the letter b The line crosses the y axis at 3.
If it crosses above the origin then it
is a positive y intercept.
If it crosses below the origin then it is a negative y intercept
b = 3 y = mx + b S1: Find the y intercept (b)
b = 3

S2: Find the slope
m = 3/2

S3: Plug in your values
y = mx + b
y = 3/2x + 3 y = 3/2x + 3 S1: Graph your first point at 3
on the y axis

S2: Move from the first point
according to slope (up three
and to the right two.) This is
your second point.

S3: Draw a line connecting
your points.

S4: Label your axis and point
coordinates. y = mx+b

b= y intercept

m = slope
Used to graph linear equation Include the sign when you
determine b

Aleays write slope as a fraction
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