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Human Trafficking: a Hidden Crime or in Plain Sight?

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Ovee Moyen

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Human Trafficking: a Hidden Crime or in Plain Sight?

Sex trafficking is the forcing of vulnerable people, mostly women and young girls, into commercial sexual acts.

What is Sex Trafficking?
Get educated.
Education gives the general society the ability to identify, characterize, and set aside what could be trafficking.
Contain the capacity.
Prevent any further trafficking and set boundaries.
Uncover the done damage.
Using evidence can bring justice to victims and punishment to traffickers.
Evaluate the stats.
Recording the statistics on these cases should be evaluated and can lead to research and further education of the people.
Is there even anything I can do?
Dishonest confessions from trafficked victims will not help them in a court of law.
Traffickers may disguise their crime as something legal.
Traffickers may operate under actual hiding rather than incognito.
What's there Stopping me?
Human trafficking on the sex trade is simply modern day slavery. With no choice, these victims have no one to fight for them. Learning how to identify, contain, discover, and evaluate trafficking will lead to prevention, decreasing in cases, and an end to this immoral crime. This society lives in a country where the decision is up to the people.
Give these victims a decision.
Human Trafficking on the Sex Trade is...
Sex Trafficking: a Hidden Crime or in Plain Sight?
Jubayer Moyen
Mr. Harrison
The help of the people can expose evidence, leads, and tips. Consequently, these information give the authorities probable cause to investigate and expose sex trafficking. Case breakthroughs can slowly start to cut down the contained capacity until there is little to no trafficking.
What Can my Help do?
Why Should I Care?
The difference between sex trafficking and prostitution is the ability to choose your daily life. Since the the majority of society is not trafficked, coming together and fighting for those with out a choice or chance can decrease and eventually stop this crime.
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