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BTEC Sport Unit 6: barrier and target groups

No description

Dana Abdulkarim

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of BTEC Sport Unit 6: barrier and target groups

AS barriers to PA
to learn about the barriers to participation in PA
to consider the process for breaking through barriers
to be introduced to target groups for activity
to appreciate the barriers in provision affecting participation for target groups

to work in a group to consider a problem and offer a solution
imaginary layers
Factors affecting participation
Where you live
the government
race/ religion
ability/ disability
A possible measure...
Fit from 50

Age Concern in Spelthorne came up with the idea to start Fit from 50 after learning that there was an issue around older people who were finding it hard to get back into sport. The lack of physical activity meant that heart disease and strokes were becoming an increasing problem in Spelthorne.

Thanks to an Awards for All grant of £9,600, the programme delivers sports and activities to men and women over 50 to help increase the physical wellbeing of older people in the area.

Over a year, they run eight-week courses which cover everything from yoga and Pilates to badminton and netball. No previous experience is required for any of the sessions. They are led by a qualified teacher who ensures that everyone gets involved and has a chance to enjoy the session.

There is also a nutrition class during the course, which gives everyone advice on how to eat better. And at the start and end of the eight weeks, each person has their blood pressure taken so they can see the impact the exercise has had on their health.

Peter is one of the regular participants who found out about the programme through a friend. He said, “I have lost 20kg in weight, my bone density has improved and I’m much happier now. Fit from 50 has given me the kick start I needed and now I have continued with sports because it is important to me.”

Extended Learning
Research the work done by the women's
sport and fitness foundation at

What are the current sport development
schemes/ ideas taking place??
Barriers to participation
Task: what do we mean by the following terms
and how might they prevent people from taking part:
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