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Vocab for Nacho and Lolita

No description

Katie Jenkins

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Vocab for Nacho and Lolita

Treasures Unit 4 Week 2 NACHO and LOLITA
VOCABULARY Brilliance is... when something is sparkly and shinny.

Sentence: The brilliance of the stars amazed the astronauts. Brillance Affection is... a feeling of love or attachment for someone or something.

Sentence: The Cheetahs have a strong affection for each other. Affection Pleaded is... When you beg for something.

Sentence: David pleaded with his mother to get a new toy at the store. Pleaded Exhausted is... when you are very, very tired.

Sentence: The baby was exhausted after he played all day. Exhausted Guarantee Preparations is... you are getting things ready for something to be done or happen.

Sentence: I made cupcakes in preparation for the party today. Preparations Guarantee means to promise something will happen.

Sentence: I guarantee the flowers will grow.
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