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Audience - Who will see my Portfolio?

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Nimesh Mohanlal

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Audience - Who will see my Portfolio?

Task 10-Nimesh.Mohanlal
Audience - Who will see my Portfolio?
Boss of IT Manager
Business Men
BTEC teacher
IT technical Manager

List of work to be included in the portfolio and how this meets the purpose ?
Web Design - This will meet the purpose by designing my portfolio.
Editing Pictures - It will meet the purpose by editing the pictures before I place them into my website.
Skills - It will meet the purpose by writing in all the skills I have.
Internet Software - This will meet the purpose by publishing and finishing the website.
Formats of work to be contained in the portfolio.
These are the formats which will contain in the portfolio:

Why the portfolio will meet the needs of the audience?
My portfolio will meet the audience by the person or people who will reveiw it and the audience will check my skills, knowledge and my personal skills that I have written down in my portfolio and that's how my portfolio will meet the needs of the audience.
What the portfolio will achieve?
My Portfolio will achieve me a great job. In my Portfolio I have information about my-self, my hobbies and my skills. It will help in my job application which is why I made this website. Also it will get me a good grade.

Inaddition, it will represent my knowledge and that will give me a huge encouragement for the job.
Justifying layout of the Portfolio.
The layout of my portfolio:
Justifying the color scheme of the portfolio.
Justifying the page layout.
Justifying the fonts and sizes.
Open Mind - The navigation about my portfolio.
Web Design - Making the layout of my digital portfolio using Dream Weaver.
PowerPoint - Planing and Designing website and the storyboard structure.
Word Documents - The Solutions and Explaining it why.
Images - I have used in my portfolio.
Banner - My banner is at the top of my portfolio.
Button - My buttons are below my banner.
Text - My texts are on the middle of my pages.
Background - I have a black background on all my pages.
Images - I have images in some of my pages.
The colour of my portfolio is a combination of black, green and light green. The background is plain black, the colour of my buttons are green and black with green outline. The colour of my banner is also green and black with green outline.

The page layout: My banner is at the top of my portfolio,
my buttons are below my banner and it easy to navigate.
The text is below my buttons which is easy to see my text.

The fonts that i have used in my portfolio are all same
throughout my portfolio, it suited my portfolio and the size of the font is medium.
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