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Untitled Prezi

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Ping Lo

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

TRACE GC Our advantages How can we
save money
for you!!! One-Day Emergency Response
Guarantee No chaos anymore

We provide well trained and experienced engineers for you

Save money
Save time TRACE GC best choice for you Introduction of our product: Advantages Let's compare Varian 3800

Value Elements(EURO)
Septa Change Cost Saving 276
Maintain Cost Saving -800
Profit enhancements 66,000

Price Elements(EURO)
Initial Price Difference(per year) -1,000
DIFFERENTIAL PRICE -1,000Value-in-Use 64,476 Average job time – 3.2mins analysis & 2.8mins cooling
1500 jobs per septum (cost 1.50 each)
Upcoming brand awareness
45,000 (incl. customization & maintainance and consulting services) Average job time – 6.2mins analysis & 3.8mins cooling

200 jobs per septum (€2.00 each)

Brand awareness greater

€40,000 Two-Working Days Emergency Response

One-Day emergency response Gaurantee (cost €125 per hr) What you (customers) really care about Maximum job runs and increase in revenu
A reliable instrument
Final price
Willing to pay extra for extra value Points of parity Chromatographs are equivalent
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