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Spanish II Unit 2

The powerpoint presentation will cover all vocabulary, notes, and grammar along with some other spanish information that is included in the ¡Avancemos! Spanish book for Unit 2.

Parker Howerton

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Spanish II Unit 2

Unit 2 Spanish II Vocabulario ¿A què hora es...? At what time is...? ¿Què hora es? What time is it? A la(s)... At... o'clock Es la.../ Son las... It is... o'clock de la mañana in the morning (with a time) de la tarde in the afternoon (with a time) de la noche at night ( with a time) la hora hour;time Tell time and Discuss Daily Schedules el horario Gramática schedule de la mañana menos to, before
(telling time) el minuto Tener: To Have Yo Tengo minute ...y cuarto Tú Tienes quarter past El
Ella Tiene
Usted ...y media half past Describe Frequency de vez en cuando Nosotros Tenemos once in a while Ustedes
Ellos Tengo
Ellas muchas veces often, many times mucho a lot nunca Never Use Tener to talk about what you have! siempre Tener + que + infinitive is used to talk about what someone has to do. always todos los días every day Describe Classes el arte art las
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