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Improving Writing Using Specifics

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amanda heins

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Improving Writing Using Specifics

Improving Writing Using Specifics
Abstract to Concrete
Abstract - ideas or concepts (love, success, good, bad)

Concrete - things that exist in the physical world (spoon, table, person)

Use fewer abstract and more concrete. Why?

"We all want success." -> What does that mean?
"Love is good." -> In what ways?

Avoid saying something is good, bad, nice, kind, and so on. Use concrete words instead.
General to Specific
General - words referring to groups (people, stuff, things)

Specific - words referring to individuals (6th graders, quilts, kittens)

Use specific words rather than general ones.

This makes your meaning very clear to the reader and helps convey the point of your writing.
Summing Up
We remember images and specifics most clearly after reading.

We want to convey general ideas but our ideas will be stronger if we explain them and give specific details.
He likes his chair.

They wanted the car.

I bought a dog.

My speech is about people.
Love is good.

He is nice.

This is bad.

I like good people.

Kids are fun.
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