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zosia zosia

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of PAINTING


Painting - one of the branches of fine arts. It is the practice of applying paint, pigment, coulor or other medium tu a surface. It uses the means of artistic expression, such as patch of color and line, mounted on canvas or other substrate. Works of art are divided into: showing and abstract.
Each of us is different, so everyone likes something different. Some people like a more vivid color and others people, more subdued. when we look at the picture we see the feelings that someone threw on canvas. At early ages there were a lot of talented artists for example Marcello Bacciarelli , Caravaggio, Vincent van Gogh and so on.
We think that he is one of the most famous artist in the world. He was a genius, because he worked in many areas, not only painting but also science. He painted a lot of amazing works of art. He well-known principles of perspective. Painter was aware from the beginning that the spatial arrangement of the objects can be achieved by proper distribution of light and shadow.
Leonardo da Vinci
Maybe we start from the fact that he painted beautiful picture 'The birth of Venus'. Botticelli was a Italian painter of the Florentine school, which was created in the mature period of renewal. Since the summer of 1481 to the spring / summer 1482 Botticelli worked on frescoes in the Sistine Chapel in Rome at the request of the Pope
Sandro Botticelli
Jan Matejko
Painting meets specific function makes it possible to find harmony and order. Painting can today give a sense of balance, both the creator and the recipient. It tries to give the best possible shape to what exists, but you can not understand the way to the end. Therefore, uses a symbol that is the best possible expression of something unknown. It is a lot of types of painting so everyone can find something for everyone.

"Painting is for me the emotions"
People who are interested in art, they know that it is considered to be one of the greatest artists in Europe. He is a representative of the Renaissance. He didn't care about the harmony of light and shadow, and ignore the details of the anatomy of the human body, because his intention was not to present a realistic commitment to the nature of the particular form, deliberately distorted proportions
Matejko is one of the most famous artist in Poland. He was the creator of images of historical and battle. Matejko didn't only painted,
but also designed the
St. Mary's Church
made ​​under
his direction.
What we see in this picture?

Do you know this work of art?
Do you know this work of art?
Do you know this work of art?
Do you know this work of art?

Do you know this work of art?
Do you know this work of art?

Do you know this work of art?
Maybe hope?
you can see that we could list many more feelings to one image. it's amazing that so many things we can paint on a piece of canvas. That's what many people see by looking at any image. In fact, he sees what he wants, human can interpret it in their own way. We think that this picture is fantasitc. Although we can not see facial expressions character, the work is filled with strong emotions that we can easily see.

Do you know this work of art?
Do you know this work of art?

Do you know this work of art?
It fascinates us different interpretations of the world that presents us with painters. If a man is painting, expresses itself, and can show it to other people and it's the best thing. Why do we like it? because we can also find in this us. Painting reconciliation people. We think that everybody will agree with us.

Why does we like painting?
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