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The America Presidency

No description

damian diaz

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of The America Presidency

The Foundations
-At first they didn't want a president. Defining the Presidency
-They decided they needed a strong leadership for the government. The New Republic.
-the new republic was made because of the decleration of independence Continental Congress
-Was made with represenatives from each state. George Washington
Establishing the Presidency
-George Washington established the presidency as the most powerful postition in the Executive branch Furnicing the Mansion
-In 1830 George Washington Furniced the house to his likes, he want
it to be more eligant, peaceful and to be respected. Farewell Address
-Near the end of Washington's second term he published his famous farewell address, in which he urged all Americans to support the newly formed nation. The Presidents Job
-As a nation, this is the hardest job assigned. Commander is cheif
-Dedicated President to commander and Cheif. Chief Executive
- The chief executive heads an enormous bureaucracy that became more complex as the federal system grew and increased its functions. Cheif Dipolomat
-The President is the most important job, He makes life-and-death decisions everyday. Party Leader
-Congress had to choose an individual who scored political parties limits of power. Congress The Supreme court. ImPeachment. Public Support
The Press
The Constitutional Convention envisioned a relationship between The President and the Congress responsibility to reject nd approve laws the removal of Congress from court The presidency needs supporters Reporters are always trying to look for stories about the Presidents.
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