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RF & Delphi Apps

No description

Seton Hunvenu

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of RF & Delphi Apps

23rd December 2013

Business Solutions

Seton Hunvenu

RF Gun/ Applications in store
Problems Identified
These findings are based on problems highlighted within all three stores visited. The issues listed below are based around the use of both RF Client, Delphi applications and other folders used in store.
Ease of Use
Inconsistency in HO orders

Inability to print duplicate scan labels
for same item

Clarity of capability within
Heat Self Service
Robustness & Resilience
Shuts down when not in use for
period of time

Stability Issues (slow, freezes)

Poor signal coverage in certain
store locations

Poor battery life
Applications are out-dated, unappealing and in some cases, no longer fit for purpose.
Look & Feel
Exploit touchscreen function (deploy icons)

End of life support: 3-5 years
Additional Features
Create customer screen (aggregation of several pages)

Notification of type of promotion (currently available in Price Book)

Ability to print duplicate scan labels

Re-organisation of menu functions

Removal of 'Merchandised' menu

Hardware Capabilities

Time-Out sessions

Integration with SAP

Customer Service

Future Development
Field Research
Non-response from Tesco
Potential Challenges
Retail App Architecture
VPN Forms Systems
Other Applications
VPN Legal Checks
Print Scan Labels
(Inability to print duplicate)

Conduct Price Discrepancies

Create reports
Review of In-store applications
Hardware Solutions
Modern & stylish hardware
(similar to CN50)
Software Capabilities
Task Management within
RF device
Other Requirements
Ability to print Delivered and
Uplift reports on Help desk
1. RF Client Menu Functions

2. Delphi applications & Other

3. Support Services by Service Delivery

4. Problems Identified

5. Innovative Solutions

6. Future Development
Produce a report based on
findings & recommendations
Used & Non-used applications
Hardware/Software resilience & ease of use
Plans for Research

Recommendations on:
Changes to improve look and feel
Changes to improve usability
Additional features to assist customer service & store process
1. Conduct research at Wigston & Worksop store.

2. Conduct field research at competitor stores (Tesco/ B&Q) if achievable

3. Interactive sessions with relevant parties to understand common issues

4. Continuous meetings with BRM Andrew Corlett to analyse findings
Price Book
Problem Analyst
Stock Enquiry &
Location Lookup
Product Lookup
Service Delivery
Crystal Reports
Remote Access
Mobil Control
Carl Norton/
Darren Redhead
Technical identification and fix
Hardware/ Software
Bulky in size

Devices are limited (not in all stores)
Team members have become accustom to reoccurring problems
Increase time-out sessions of RF guns or deploy standby facility
(if technically feasible)

Ability to print section tickets in store

Scheduled downtime for Admin PC

Real-Time process update

Heat Self Service templates
Strap/Hand-held plastic
to hold device
Ability to print scan labels
via RF gun
Touch-screen features
Reduction of
hardware size
Reliable operating
via RF gun
Amendment of
duplicate printing
Thinner laser beam
Ability to log damages via RF gun
Alterations on RDF via RF device
Regular updates on
Price Book
Tracking System
Destroyed & Faulty Items

Internal Batch Transfer

Request weekly reports
Informs user of Stock details

Ability to set minimum threshold (replenishment)

Daily Sales
Web/ Cloud based solution where all applications and folders (currently 6 Delphi apps, retail folder with 13 sub-folders)are accessible within one location is essential.
More efficient and convenient for its user.
Thank You
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