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The minions

No description

Hannah Ounkham

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of The minions

The minions from "Despicable Me" . The Minions -They can dance,
-They can sing,
-They can talk to you, (in their own language)
-Have your own personal entertainment
-And do most of your work for you! A Minion Is... Why Should You Buy A Minion? You should buy a minion because as the years go on
we try to make your life easier and not harder.

When you're sad, depend on them to put a smile on your face, with their own kind of humour. Our Goal As The Creator Good Feedback! Everyone who has bought this, has enjoyed it. What Minions Are Good For. *a little personal servant
that's from the movie "Despicable Me".

*They will do the work that you don't want to do.

*If somehow they disappear, (which they shouldn't) then we will send you a new one, because we've programmed them to stay. Their like your conscious,
so they will give you hints
on if the decision you're making, might make you
regret it in the end. :) Exhibit D: Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Exhibit C: You can buy a minion at... *Walmart *Target *And Toys R Us You can buy clothes for your minion at... *Blue Notes *Garage
*H&M Minion Info. MINIONS!!! *XXI (Forever 21) If you wish, to buy a minion or buy clothes online, then go to our website:
WWW.MINIONFORME.CA If you wish to contact us, then dial: 705-555-1430 :) * To sell to you our wonderful minions.

* To make sure that you're satisfied with
our product.

* To experiment with the minions to see if
they will do, what they were programmed
to do.

* To make it the next big "thing". For example,
rich people don't have to be the only ones to
have their own personal maid or butler. Now,
EVERYBODY, can have their own maid or
butler at a good cost. ($79.00) They're helpful! *And possibly at the Gap. *Your local mall Our Target Audience Our target audience is 7 and up. This is because, the minions will teach the kids
responsibility, by taking care of the minions, when ever the parents aren't home, and also having fun. This is also for adults, because they can be maids, butlers, etc. so adults don't have to do everything. The Target Audience For The Advertisement The target audience for our advertisement, are the adults because, obviously the kids will only pay attention to the pictures that we have put in. But, the adults will pay more attention to the information we have put in about the minions, which will make them understand the minions more, which helps the kids understand the minions more, which makes everything funner. Likes About Prezi The things we like about Prezi, is that it makes the slides and background more creative then other media forms like PowerPoint. For example, in PowerPoint you can make the background different colours and stuff, but in Prezi you can like move it around in different spaces and make the background like a scavenger hunt. Dislikes About Prezi The things we don't like about Prezi, is the "Google Images" button, because it would only give you selected pictures of their choice, and not ours. Unless, you went to the "From File" button, but if you're like us, then you would be too lazy to. Prezi Is Ideal For Advertising Prezi is ideal for advertising, because it helps you advertise your product in a more creative way then other media forms, which seems to catch a person's attention then others. It also gives you lots of ways, to present the product, which makes it fun even to create it. But, other media forms are also good too, like the PowerPoint, when you want to present it in a more "sophisticated way". By:Hannah Ounkham
And Tara Hockley (Can't you just
feel the love) Exhibit A: It gave us a cupcake
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