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Socratic Seminar Holes

No description

arianysis solano

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Socratic Seminar Holes

In Stanley's and Hector's Voice Socratic Seminar Stanley Stanley and Zero Stanley Stanley Stanley Stanley and Zero Zero and Stanley Why did you choose to go to Camp Green Lake
instead of Jail? How would your friendship be different if you would have never went to Big Thumb? Explain how you will react when you see Derrick Dunne.
How will your relationship change? Would you go into the desert to rescue any of the other campers? Why didn't you get mad when Zero confessed to having stolen the shoes? Why do you think Big Thumb had such a great impact on your friendship? How would you describe Stanley when he first arrived at Camp Green Lake? Why? Zero Do you agree or disagree with Stanley's choice? Directions: Team A:
Listen, Listen, Listen then respond
You must use textual evidence to support your response.
Every time you speak, you will turn in one of your tokens to Mrs. Solano.You must use up all of your slips to get full credit for today's activity. Directions Team B
Your in charge of finding the textual evidence for your partner.
On a separate sheet of paper you will critic your partners response and write down anything that you would have added to their response. Switch Zero What made you wait so long to confess to Stanley that you stole the shoes? Stanley and Zero How would describe Stanley after he left Camp Green Lake?
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