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No description

Emilie Bontemps

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of L'inde

The meals are very spicy and often composed of rice, sauces, pancake vegetables and sometimes chicken or mutton ...
The Food
The Outfits
The sari :
The turban:
To discover India
The Taj Mahal
Area :
3 287 263 km2.

Peoples :
1.2 billion

Languages :
Hindi, English

Religion :

Main cities
: Dehli,
Calcutta,Bombay,Madras, Pondichery ,Cochin.

: Ram Nath Kovind

: Alpine, Tropical, Desert
North of India :
South of India:
Center of India:
Today, despite the influence of Modern fashion (pants, skirts, jeans), the Indians continue to wear their traditional dress.
The kurta :
The kameez :
The Taj Mahal is at the edge of the river Yamuna in Agra.
This monument is famous because he has a structure unique.

The lotus temple
The Lotus Temple is located in
New Delhi. Who is the symbol
of the old
and the
new city.

The Pink City
The Pink City is situated in the capital city of Rajasthan which is Jaïpur.
It’s known for his treasure such as the fabric, the jewellery and the shoes… .

Periyar Tiger Reserve
The lake, wich will be the water point year-round, and the grasslands of the reserve make it an ideal habitat for elephants, which number about 800 specimens.
The forest, the valley and tropical spaces of Periyar are the monkey's habitat.
The Flag
Tea fields
You will have before you a beautiful expanse of green, fields so well drawn, like squares.
Get ready to walk long hours and ask for a guide who will make you discover all the secrets of tea.
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