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Copy of Sherlock Holmes: The Emerald Crown

No description

feyza ergin

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Sherlock Holmes: The Emerald Crown

Sherlock Holmes:
The Emerald Crown. By: Maria Luisa Suarez. 6 grade. Characters: Sherlock Homes.
Francis. Chapter 1: Watson and Sherlock Holmes were in a room and they saw a man that looked worried.Sherlock Homes knew that he needs his help.Then the man came into the house and he was very excited.Sherlock asked him to rest a few minutes and then he told Homes his name and his job. He is a banker and one day a member of the royal family asked for him to a lot of money.Mr Holder told him that he had to leave something expensive instead of the money , the man took out a black box and there was the Emerald Crown. Chapter 2: Then Holder was counting to him about his family.He count that his wife dies ten years a go and he has a son and when his moms died he was the most important for him , also he names Lucy and Mary.Then Holmes count to Arthur and Mary that he changes a money from a Emerald , they were very surprised.Then Arthur asked if he can borrow to him two houndred pounds and Holder says NO and Arthur was very angry. Chapter 3: Then he continues counting , he start to count that one night he was sleeping and he listen a noise , He want to now what happen so he go down stairs and he saw Arthur taking the Emerald Crown.Mr Holder saw that the Emerald Crown dont have 3 Emeralds , so Holder called the police, in a few minutes the police came into the house and take Arthur away. Chapter 4: Sherlock Homes went to the house of Holder to investigate the criminal. He talk with all the people that live in the house. Chapter 6: Chapter 5: Then Mary wrote a letter for Mr Holder that says that she leave the house because there was a lot of problems.Then Sherlock Homes went to the house of Holder and he found the 3 Emeralds that were lost. Then Sherlock Homes start to investigate who was the criminal , when he was looking the footprints he saw that there was blood and he investigate of whaat person was the blood and then of all he now that was Watson. Thanks for your attention :D
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