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Eyes on the Forest Far East Russia 2015

In 2014 WWF Russia Amur Branch launched the Eyes on the Forest, a three year project to improve the monitoring of forest cover change with the use of new technologies and with the main objective to combat illegal logging in the Russian Far East.

Your Prezis

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Eyes on the Forest Far East Russia 2015

Satellite monitoring
into space!
Global Land Analysis & Discovery
Can you see logging sites?
The "KeDr" system
Data exchange network
The "KeDr" structure
Eyes on the Forest
is ready for implementation
in Far East Russia and other countries

The real story
Amur Branch
WWF Russia
Artificial Intelligence
illegal logging
Eyes on the Forest in the Far East of Russia
Project History

Civil society and ENGOs have worked to halt illegal logging for 20 years...
Pressure came from Federal government
How to gather
information fast?
not frequent
does not show logging sites
Landsat 15 m/pic
SPOT 5 m/pic
SPOT 2.5 m/pic
GeoEye 1 m/pic
World view
0.3 m/pic
GLAD can!
Too complex...
Public forest agencies have to work with it
Federal and regional forest data bases
Local government
was not interested
in "KeDr"...
Desktop interface
Illegal logging
Internal document of
forest agency
Tools of analysis
Оperations control
Forest units
Mobile apps
Remote data
Mobile app
"Forest ranger"
for offline work
UAV as help for GLAD
Low resolution
High resolution
Corruption and poor forest governance
Deputy Representative of the President
of the Russian Federation in the Far East
The system started to work!
Forest management unit
Federal government
High potential
for scaling up

Save forests from illegal logging with Eyes on the Forest!
Regional and
global adoption

Open data portal
Social network
"Save the forest"
This is home for endangered and endemic species
These broad-leaf and Korean pine forests
and species can disappear
in 5-15 years because of
illegal logging
This is the last remaining
large undisturbed area of temperate mixed forests in the world containing very high
forest diversity; it is characterized by high productivity and is often referred to as the “Russian Amazon".
Broad-leaf and cedar forest of the Russian Far East is the last remaining large undisturbed area of temperate mixed forests in the world
Governors of Primorsky and
Khabarovsky provinces
An example of EoF in Laos
Synchronization and facilitation of electronic document management
Earth Engine
Illegal logging is #1 cause of degradation of cedar-broadleaf forests.
It threatens Korean pine (cedar) and Mongolian oak – the key species for the food chain in the Ussury taiga
Control over
forest governance...
Social monitoring
Expected results
* Improvement of forestry management system by digitalizing data and optimization of decision making process

* Preventing nature capital degradation and revenue loss caused by illegal logging and reducing risks of corruption

* Involvement of people into the nature conservation by providing them with the innovative tools and open data

Save the unique broad-leaf and cedar forests of the Russian Far East

Transferability of KEDR
Could be implemented worldwide
Limitations and challenges:
Decision for implementation must be made by the government
Capacities and people resources are needed for infield work
The quality of digitalized data stored at the system of forest management
For the servers’ space to store the data provided by the University of Maryland
The analyses algorithm and software to be adapted for particular country/region
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