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Girls on the Run Triad

Online Coach Training Module

Tracy Miles

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Girls on the Run Triad

coach training module
Our Mission:
To inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident, using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.
Girls on the Run honors its core values. We strive to:
Recognize our power and responsibility to be intentional in our decision making
Embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness
Express joy, optimism and gratitude through our words, thoughts, and actions
Nurture our physical, emotional, and spiritual health
Lead with an open heart and assume positive intent
Stand up for ourselves

and others
National (Girls on the Run International)
1996: Founded by Molly Barker with 13 girls
2000: GOTRI became a 501(c)3 non-profit
2015: Nationally GOTR serves our 1,000,000 Girl!
2016: GOTR Celebrates 20 years!

Local (Girls on the Run Triad)
2002: The Triad council is formed as an affiliate council lead the Hartley YMCA in High Point
2014: GOTR Triad transitions to become an Independent council of GOTRI
2015: GOTR Triad merges with GOTR Forsyth - previously lead by Novant Health

GOTR Triad proudly serves Alamance, Davidson, Forsyth, Guilford, Randolph, and Rockingham counties

Girls on the Run:
Girls on the Run is a transformational physical activity–based positive youth development program (PA-PYD) for girls in 3rd to 8th grade designed to develop and enhance girls’ competencies to successfully navigate life experiences.

What Girls on the Run is
Girls on the Run is not a competitive running program (running activities are used as a medium for teaching life skills and promoting healthy outcomes)

Girls on the Run is not a program that directly targets health issues such as obesity, pregnancy, substance abuse, and eating disorders
Our Program: What is Girls on the Run?
Promotion of physical, mental, social, and spiritual health outcomes AND prevention of unhealthy and risky outcomes











Trained and Supportive Coaches and Volunteers…

Deliver Curriculum as Intended…

Welcome Coaches!

Here what we will cover in this training:

GOTR Overview
Our Program
Coaching 101
Coach Roles
Curriculum III
What to expect?
Coach Resources
Wrap Up - Are you ready?!?
GOTR Overview
Coaching is a gift!
Coach Team Roles
Site Liason
Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Coach Team Requirments
Coach Registration, BKGD Checks, & Training Requirements
Head Coach= 21+, Female
Assistant Coach= 18+, Male or Female
There must be 1 CPR/First Aid Certified coach present at every lesson.

Team Size
Team of 15 girls= 1 Head Coach, 1 Assistant Coach
Team of 16-20 girls= 1 Head Coach, 2 Assistant Coaches

** Our council highly recommends an additional coach per team to provide coach team flexibility
GOTR Triad Team
Tracy Miles
Operations Manager
Cari Kollman
Program Director
Policies and Liability
Curriculum III
What to expect from this age group......
Coach Resources
Wrap Up
Creating an Environment that Supports Positive Youth Development
Emotional Safety
Belonging and Relationships
Value Diversity
Have Consistent and Clear Expectations
Setting Individual Goals
and Applying Effort Over Time
Freedom of Choice
Focus on Skill-building
Motivation From Within
Group Management Strategies
Create a Cue
Keep things Moving
Be Prepared
Remind of Group Expectations
Non-verbal Cues
Praise What's Right
Low Profile Intervention
Power of the One-on-One
Help Girls Use GOTR Tools
Don't Expect things to go Perfectly
Partner with Families
Use Self-Reflection
Core Values
Coach! Address Negative interactions/behaviors
Learn every
girl's name
Cooperative games/activities
Facilitate girls'
Start/end on time

Follow lesson structure

Co-create expectations WITH girls
Provide opportunities to learn and practice physical skills and life skills.
competition & comparison
Create a Mastery Motivational Climate
individual improvement and mastery of skills
Coach Fosters These!
recognition of individual improvement & effort
& sense of
sense of choice
Internal Motivation
Curriculum, v. 3

Curriculum Overview

Lesson Structure

Coaches – Are You Ready?
Girls – Are You Ready?
Getting on Board - Processing
Stretching and Strengthening
Work Out
Processing & Wrap Up

Lesson Structure & Rationale
Coaches – Are You Ready?
Learning Goals
Target Life Skills
Think About It
Girls – Are You Ready?
Getting on Board
Setting the Stage
How it’s done
Stretch & Strengthening

Processing & Wrap-Up
Review and Looking Ahead
Between Session Goal
Energy Awards
Closing Cheer!

Energy Awards
A favorite part of GOTR!
Acknowledge, reinforce and reward positive behavior
Examples of reasons for an energy award:
Someone showed care and concern for another
Honor the entire group for achieving a team goal
Make sure each girl gets an energy at some
point in season
Examples: Surfer, Superstar, Firecracker
Special Features of v.3

Identity Cards

Goal Sheets

STAR POWER visualization
Stop and take a BrThRR
Stop, Breathe (Br) + Think (Th) + Respond (R) + Review (R) = BrThRR!
Kids in hospital

Possible Projects
Make coloring book
Make blankets
Collect food
Habitat for Humanity
Dog food drive

Community Impact Project

On a Side Note

Lesson 9: Getting On Board "Real Beauty"
Lesson 13: Warm-Up "It Takes Courage"
for volunteering your time, energy and talents to serve as a Girls on the Run Coach! We hope you learn as much from the girls as they’ll learn from you!

Completed your online coach registration for this season
Completed a GOTR background check within the past 24 months
Updated your CPR/First Aid certification
Communicated with your coach team and are clear about your coaching schedule and lesson responsibilities
Select one coach representative to attend the in-person coach training meeting (event details on the website http://www.gotrtriad.org/get-involved/events)
Excited to be yourself and

Click the link below to have the quiz pop up in a new window, or copy the link and paste it in your web browser: https://app.e2ma.net/app2/survey/1738496/213072904/946c468d65/
GOTR Triad Coach Portal:
Username: gotrcoach & Password: goandrun
READ the
Coach Training Manual
included on the Coach Resource page!

GOTRI Coach Portal:

Username: gotrcoach & Password: goandrun

Snack Cards
- Included in coach boxes (healthy snack ideas are found on the coach portal)

Coach Boxes
include all needed program materials

Curriculum & Activity Sheets

Mid-session coach meeting - Dates TBD

(only REGISTERED COACHES get a t-shirt!)

Automatic & FREE registration
for the GOTR 5K

Self Care,
Self Awareness,
Knowing Self
Lessons 1-9
Lessions 10-17
Selecting Healthy Relationships Keeping Them Healthy
Lessions 18-24
Celebrating & Sharing Our Strengths
The Girls on the Run (GOTR) Curricula and all components thereof are the exclusive property of Girls on the Run International and Mary W. Barker. Any use of modification of these curricula, or any component thereof, without the express written consent of Girls on the Run International, outside of the scope of the official Girls on the Run program, or for any purpose not specifically designated by Girls on the Run International, is strictly prohibited. Any such violation shall be deemed a breach of copyright, trade dress, and/or any other applicable intellectual property rights held by Girls on the Run International, and Girls on the Run International reserves any and all rights to pursue all available damages at law and in equity against any such violating party under any applicable cause of action.

Substitute Coach Policy
In the instance that a coach is unable to attend a Girls on the Run or Girls on Track session, leaving less than two adults present, the Council should be notified immediately. Coaches should never supply their own substitutes without prior discussion with the council staff.

All substitute coaches must have had a
valid background check
through Girls on the Run within the past 24 months and have
completed a Coach Training
within an operation council. If a substitute is acting as Head Coach, the substitute must be
CPR/First Aid certified.
At least one coach
over 21 years of age
must be present at all times.

Threatening Behavior Policy
A girl who meets or can meet the requirements for being a Girl on the Run shall not be denied acceptance based on race, religion, color , national origin, height, weight or disability.

Any child engaged in behavior that threatens the health or welfare of other participants, administrators or coaches will be released from participating in the program as a participant. Threatening behavior may include but is not limited to: physical injury, emotional maltreatment, abuse of prescription or illegal drugs, use of alcohol, carrying firearms or other dangerous items, using any item in a dangerous way, or any other activity determined by a coach or administrator to be threatening of another's health or well being. Girls on the Run Triad, their coaches, and administrators reserve the right to remove from participation any child for any reason that does not fit the mission and goals of the organization.

Solicitation Policy
Girls on the Run volunteers, staff and outside individuals and organizations are not permitted to use Girls on the Run distribution lists in order to solicit items, interest or donations for any use outside of the Girls on the Run program. The information is gathered by GOTR, including but not limited to parent email lists and 5K registration information, is proprietary information and should be managed as such. The soliciting of any of these people, by use of information obtained through GOTR, is not permitted.

Late Pick Up Policy
Parents/guardians are expected to pick up their child from Girls on the Run lessons
within 10 minutes of the close of the session
; ongoing tardiness will not be tolerated. If a parent/guardian is tardy in picking up his/her daughter, they should be verbally reminded of the policy. If a parent/guardian is tardy for a second time, a verbal reminder and written email acknowledgment of the policy should be made. Upon the
third instance
, the parent/guardian should be notified that his/her daughter will
no longer be able to attend
the Girls on the Run or Girls on Track session.

Absenteeism Policy
Due to the importance of group dynamics and the experiential learning process of the Girls on the Run curriculum, girls who are
absent for more than four (4) practices during one season will no longer be eligible to participate
in Girls on the Run. It is critically important to the efficacy of the girls program experience that they participate in both sessions each week and that parents/guardians should be informed prior to registration that girls are not allowed to attend only one (1) session per week.

Transportation Policy
Girls on the Run volunteers are NOT to transport any participant, outside of immediate family,
in a vehicle when operating in the capacity of a volunteer (coach, assistant coach, etc.). In the instance that transportation of a participant is necessary, Girls on the Run International requires that a signed letter from the parents of the participant(s) is submitted to the Girls on the Run Executive Director at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. The letter should include an acknowledgment that the volunteer is no longer acting on behalf of Girls on the Run, and that all liability of the council is waived.
Inclement Weather Policy
Each site must have a pre-determined indoor location. Let the girls know at the first meeting where they should go if it is raining and inform the guardians with the location of the alternative site.
Girls on the Run/Track will be held rain or shine; outside whenever possible or inside at the approved indoor location.
If you are not be able to perform the activities as planned in the space provided, try to adapt the lesson in such a way that the activities might be appropriate for indoors.

Exceptions to this policy include: school closing due to inclement weather, power outages, and/or dangerous road conditions.

Coaches must make every effort to contact participants’ guardians
at least four hours prior to the lesson starting time
if the session is to be canceled.

A background check is required of ALL adults with direct, consistent contact with participants.

Volunteers must complete an online Coach Application to be included in GOTR Triad's general liability insurance.

Participants must have a signed Registration Form & Health History Form (or be registered online) by
the 4th lesson
, or they will not be able to participate until paperwork is submitted.

Copies of forms or report with emergency contact & health information must be kept in the coach box & accessible at all lessons.

Crisis Management Plan
Type 1: Minor injury
or event that can be resolved within the Council, such as, minor injuries from GOTR related events that do not require professional treatment or transportation issues.

Type 2: Major incident
that involves considerable coordination between GOTR and external resources. Examples include: injuries resulting from GOTR related events that require professional treatment, missing child, abuse situation.

Type 3: Catastrophic emergency
involving the entire GOTR community and local areas. Immediate resolution of the event is beyond the capabilities of GOTR and local resources, such as natural disasters.

Response Overview
: 1.Stabilize the situation (account for all girls); 2. Acquire information about what happened; 3. Make appropriate calls to emergency services, guardian(s) and Executive Director (in that order for Type 2 or 3); 4. Complete an
Accident-Incident Report
and submit
within 24 hours
to the Council for follow-up with guardian(s) and/or emergency personnel.

All participants are asked to pay a Registration Fee that includes: 24 lessons, healthy snacks at each lesson, T-shirt, water bottle, 5K entry & medal, coach training & background checks, program materials, & liability insurance.

Two types of site registration: Online and Paper
If your site elects for paper registration, the site liaison or head coach is responsible for inputting participant information into our online system.

GOTR Triad participant registration is on the lottery system:
Once registration closes, if more girls are registered than the number of available spots on a team, the registration system will randomly select girls for that team. All additional girls will remain in “lottery status” and be placed on the wait list for full teams. Teams that are not at capacity will include all girls registered at that time. Registration will then re-open and additional girls will be added on a first-come, first-served basis until capacity is reached for each team.
Serves as point person for the program site.
Distributes promotional materials and registration information to all girls in 3rd –5th OR 6th – 8th grades.
Holds pre-season meeting with site’s coaches and site director/principal to review the calendar and other pertinent logistics.

Attends at least one lesson a week on a consistent basis
Assists the Head Coach with setting up/breaking down various activities, games, and workouts
Participates in games and workouts with the girls
Serves as a role model and mentor for program participants
Runs and/or walks with girls during workouts to provide positive encouragement
Communicates with coaching team regularly
Understands and believes in the Girls on the Run mission, vision, and values
Completes special projects, as assigned
Never forgets to HAVE FUN!

Prepares Girls on the Run / Girls on Track lessons for each practice
Serves as a role model for the girls by being on time, listening attentively, having a positive demeanor and outlook, and leading a healthy lifestyle
Encourages girls as they play games and participate in activities
Coaches the girls on proper stretching, running form and hydration
Mediates disputes amongst girls in an immediate and respectful manner
Participates in the end of the season 5k run, either as a 5k Buddy or by fulfilling coach duties at the event
Attends mandatory training, mid-session coach meeting, and reads all council emails.
Helps recruit 5k buddies for your girls and coordinates their race needs
Establishes strong relations with coach team through regular communications/meetings
Communicates with GOTR staff about team needs
Returns all coaching materials in a timely manner
Never forgets to HAVE FUN!

Curriculum Copyright
"I feel so much better when I get home from work on my GOTR days. I have seen it change the lives of many of the girls and myself! I always look forward to my days with the girls. The girls make me feel so good and I am thankful to have been a part of this wonderful program!"
- Holly, GOTR Coach
Running Buddy
Sexual Abuse / Molestation Policy
Girls on the Run has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual abuse and strictly prohibits and does not abide any form of sexual abuse of the girls we serve within the organization, or individuals involved with Girls on the Run at any organization related activities.

As representatives for Girls on the Run, we report suspected incidents of sexual abuse, however, we in no way handle or pursue these reports. If you suspect sexual abuse at the home of the child, you must report the suspected incident directly to the appropriate person at the program site, and to the council Executive Director, who will contact your local/state Child Protection Services Agency or Child Abuse Agency.
Logo and Usage Guidelines Policy
The Girls on the Run® logo and its parts (including “Adelaide” and typeface) are property of Girls on the Run International and are registered as such by the United States Government and State of North Carolina. This logo should never be altered or reprinted without the consent of Girls on the Run International.

Representatives of Girls on the Run councils may use the logo in a limited capacity. The logo should never be distributed to anyone outside of Girls on the Run staff, and when doing so, a Logo Usage Agreement should be utilized.

If you have questions regarding logo usage, please refer to the branding guidelines, or contact Girls on the Run International.

Inclusion Policy
Girls on the Run® strives to make our program accessible to all girls in 3rd-8th grade. We must be responsive to the needs of our community and our curriculum is designed to reflect and accommodate the varying needs of our participants.

Girls on the Run supports all girls to reach their full potential and recognizes that inclusion benefits all children. If at any time a girl’s needs or behavior detracts from the experience of the team, she may be asked not to participate, however this option is used as an absolute last resort.

At our 5k celebation on May 15, every girl is required to have a running buddy.

The Running Buddy completes the 5k with their buddy and expresses support and enthusiasm for her accomplishment!

Running buddies have two very important jobs: Stay with your girl at all times and provide positive encouragement!
Lesson Structure & Rationale
Lesson Structure & Rationale
Setting the Stage
How it’s done
Setting the Stage
How it’s done

Lesson Structure & Rationale
Disruption does not always equal intent
Click on the video to view
Click on the video to view
Youth Protection
It is understood that caring, quality staff and volunteers will develop positive relationships with youth while involved in Girls on the Run programs.

Social Media
GOTR International requests that no school, site or coach operates its own Girls on the Run Facebook page.
It is recommended that email is the primary means of communication between coaches and parents.
Girls on the Run asks all program sites to be careful and considerate about communication with and about their Girls on the Run participants.
We always want to make sure we are protecting the girls’
Candice Horvath
Executive Director
Full transcript