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Cancer Assignment

No description

Ivan Wong

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Cancer Assignment

Cancer Assignment
What is Cancer?
How Cancer is Caused
How Cancer is Treated
Cancer can be treated through radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hypothermia, stem cell transplant, photo dynamic therapy and transfusions.
Examples of different kinds of Cancer
It is known that there are around 100 different types of cancer that we know of. Some examples include lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Interesting Facts
-Over 20 000 people die of cancer everyday
-30 percent of cancers can be avoided through living a healthy lifestyle of exercise and diet
-There are over 28 million people who have survived cancer worldwide
-Multivitamins increase risk of cancer as found through recent studies
-Taller women are likely to develop cancer according to a study
-Cancer causes more deaths than AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria combined
Science Uncovered
By: Ivan Wong
Started: Sept 17/2014

Cancer are cells in your body that duplicate out of control. This is due to the cell division part of the DNA code that is copied wrong. This is known as
. Cancer is found in 100s of different cases that can affect human-kind and is known to cause early death.
It is known that cancer is caused by tumors which are clumps of cells that are slow and not functioning properly. There is the malignant and benign tumors which is different from one another. The cells do not follow orders given by the body and will rapidly spread. So it is important to know whether or not you have cancer before they multiple to the thousands.




http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/09/17 rob_ford_diagnosis_what_is_malignant_liposarcoma.html




Rob Ford has been recently found to have a rare type of malignant tumor called "Malignant Liposarcoma". Due to this unexpected event, Rob Ford has decided to drop out of the election on Sept 2014.
Cancer cells are very dangerous since they can create tumors (which is a bunch of cells that are useless). Although there are
tumors (which is not dangerous but will slightly affect other cells around them),
tumors are cancerous cells that can spread to other parts of the body. This process is called
An example of where
affects the human body.
This is more about what causes cancer such as
or it can be a mutation of a cell.
are stuff that surrounds you that has effected your cell(s) to mutate. This can be caused by smoking....
....car exhaust
... and radiation (especially UV rays from tanning beds that cause skin cancer, even more cases than smoking causes lung cancer) for example.
Lung Cancer
This type of cancer is almost always caused by smoking and second hand smoking (breathing in air from smokes). There is a very high rate of death from lung cancer. This is because a single smoke contain around 4,800 chemicals which 69 of them is cancer-related. So imagine smoking a pack (12 cigarettes) a day.... already you are increasing your chances of getting cancer.
Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is found in females and can be inherited by your parents. There are many breast cancer foundations that are trying to prevent it. You can for example buy a wristband for $5.00 to help support its cause.
Colon Cancer
The colon is part of the large intestine that helps remove water from digested food. Colon cancer is the third cancer mostly found in men and fourth for women. There are no symptoms of colon cancer so it is important to get regular screening.
Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is found in the prostate gland (located near the private area of men....). Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer. It usually occurs in men from 65+ and is less common if the age is less. It is found mainly in North America, Europe, Caribbeans, and Australia.
Side effects include:
-swollen skin in radiation area
-enlarged pores (opening in skin)
-increased or decreased sensitivity of skin
-thickening skin or tissue
Side effects include:
-dietary concerns (appetite, requires more nutrients, cramps, etc.)
-body image (part of where surgery occurs may feel weird and how it functions)
-reproduction (if the surgery was performed in an area where it can affect reproduction)
Side effects include:
-diarrhea (if dehydration occurs)
-constipation/ shivers
-blood disorder
-hair loss
-appetite loss
-possible organ damage
*Involves using drugs to slow down or kill cancer cells
*Removes the tumor if it is easily accessible
*Uses a concentrated beam to prevent cell division in cancerous cells
Malignant Liposarcoma
Good Luck Rob Ford!
1. Liposarcoma usually occurs in adults around 40-60.

2. There are 4 subtypes of liposarcoma (Well-differentiated, Myxoid, Pleomorphic, and Dedifferentiated).

3. The main way to treat Liposarcoma is to have surgery although chemotherapy and radiation works.

4. There are not much symptoms of this cancer except for lumps that can be soft or hard.

5. More than half of this type of cancer occurs in the thigh and one-third in the abdominable (stomach) area.
*Has dealt with lipsarcoma
five times and has survived
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