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Computer Video Gamers: What Gives?

No description

Melissa Liebich

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of Computer Video Gamers: What Gives?

Computer Video Gamers: What Gives? By: Melissa Liebich "What is it about playing on the computer that you like more than any other gaming system?"
- Melissa: The Interviewer
"Easier to control, you’re using a mouse with your hand compared to your thumb and a joystick so you can aim better and the graphics are a lot better."
- Chris: The Informant "Online play is the biggest selling point for many players. The first Modern Warfare introduced a pair of features that set the bar for online multiplayer for the past two years: an experience system in which players build up points to access better weapons, and a rewards system in which players who meet certain accomplishments will be given bonuses."
- Luke Hamilton: Creative Designer & Online Coordinator -Artifacts- Observing the Field and the survey says... So what does all of this mean?... ...is the only way to play! .*. What is the gamer thinkin'? * *
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