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Sig Camper

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Sacagawea

Born 1786 near Lemhi, Idaho
Became explorer because Lewis and Clark asked her and her husband and her to come along
Lewis and Clark made significant contributions to this expedition
She was never sponsored or received any money
Died December,20 1812
The importance
the expedition
This exploration was the first one to explore Northwestern North America
The expedition found 120 new birds, mammals, reptiles, fish
182 new plants were found
The expedition provided valuable information about topography, biological sciences, the ecology, and Native Americans
Areas Explored
Sacagewea explored Northwestern North America from the Mississippi river to the Pacific Ocean
She explored the west from 1805-1806
Native Americans occupied the land
She came because Lewis and Clark invited her
The expedition started because Thomas Jefferson had bought the Louisiana Purchase and wanted an expedition to this new land

Special Dates
Born 1786
Kidnapped when she was 12 yrs
Got married to Toussaint Charbonneau in 1804
Lewis and Clark passed through her village and invited her and husband to come along in 1805
She had her first baby in February 1805
Left for expedition in April 1805
Came back from the expedition in August 1806
Died on December 28 1812
Why Sacagewea was important to the trip

She spoke shosone and Lewis and Clark knew that they needed horses from the Shosone tribe and she could tell them
Sacagewea was a woman and war parties would never bring women so the Native American tribes don't attack them as much
She knew where the non-poisonous food was available
She recognized much of the land and could lead the expedition the right way
Sacagewea saved much of the expeditions papers at Great Falls
Effects of the exploration

the exploration fueled decades of immagration to come

fur trade picked up

artists started painting paintings of the west
This is the route that Sacagewea took to get to and back from the Pacific Ocean
Sacagewea's route
Not much is known about Sacagewea's childhood
She was born near Lemhi, Idaho to her tribe's chief
She was stolen by the Hidatsa tribe when she was 12 when all the men were on a buffalo hunt
Sacagewea died on December 20,1812
She died of a putrid fever
Putrid fever was most likely typhoid fever
She died at Fort Manuel
By Abheya Nair
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