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What is Cloud Computing Technology?

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on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of What is Cloud Computing Technology?

What is Cloud Computing Technology?
6 Reasons Cloud Computing Is Transforming the World
Taking on cloud computing as an integral part of our data storage strategy has increased our flexibility to access and manipulate data. We are able to synch up multiple devices and we are able to pass off information to other people with more ease.
This flexibility provides us with more
dynamic interactivity with data.
The cloud provides us with an automated way to keep this information safe and secure, and backed up for when we need it.
Increased flexibility

Recovery from loss

Software that updates automatically

Faster, easier and more designed to our needs

Work from home… Work from almost anywhere

Data security
When we adopt a cloud software company all of the security aspects of the cloud are managed for us. We are outsourcing the entire process of data storage and security. This saves us both time and money.
Most cloud computing packages are delivered on a pay as you need basis.

As you increase the amount of data you consume you are able to take more space.

If you need to increase capacity for projects you can do so and then you can drop back again when you return to normal consumption. This makes operating costs as efficient as possible.
With cloud computing you can access
documents wherever you have a decent
connectivity to the Internet.

This increases the ability to balance one’s home
and work life and also improves work and
collaboration when on the go, whether it be
on holiday or commuting to meetings
and to work.
Every year an estimated 750,000 laptops are lost in airports alone. Apart from the financial loss of the device there is also a serious problem with loss of data. By utilizing the cloud data is kept safe and accessible despite this loss. It is also possible to remove access to data on stole devices using remote tools and wiping.
Examples of companies using
Social Networking
Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter
Gmail, Hotmail
Document/Spreadsheet/Other Hosting Services
Google Docs, Yahoo!'s Flickr, Google's Picasa, YouTube
Chromium OS
google is the first company used cloud computing
All Google services now work on cloud
Google developed the first OS based on cloud (Chromium OS)
There are many websites give users free storage to save like :
Google drive
Sky drive (One drive)
Amazon CloudDrive
how can we benefit of cloud computing ?

Ezz Ellakany
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