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Elizabethan Daily Life

Includes Education, Marriage, Family, Professions, Crime, and Ilness

Liam Butler

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Elizabethan Daily Life

Elizabethan Daily Life By Michelle Drake, Stevie Dolence, Teddy Townsend, Lucas Cerchiaro, and Liam Butler Education "Primitive"
Boys went to school, girls learned at home
"Public Education" was leaving home to go to school
Woke up early
Prayers, Grammar, Sums, English, and Latin
Wealthy students better educated
Learned at home A gravestone in Latin All modern things irrelevant!!! Could even learn
Cosmography Tutored Students Young wives
in exchange for Good students attended University after Grammar School $Money$ Education Students hoped to pass, move on to grammar school, and learn Latin Petty
School Was run by University taught all in Latin Marriage Joyous procession from bride's home Crying the
Banns Couples hadn't met Arranged for both families' benefit (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Landowners married into more land Priests conducted Catholic ceremony Long standing-only ceremony Men's Apparel Dresses Full length
Plunging neckline
Jewels Best clothes
No velvet corduroy, satin, or yellow (Elizabethan Wedding Customs, 1) (Elizabethan Wedding Customs, 1) (Elizabethan Wedding Customs, 1) (Every Schoolboy Knows, 1) (Every Schoolboy Knows, 1) (Every Schoolboy Knows, 1) (Every Schoolboy Knows, 1) (Every Schoolboy Knows, 1) (Every Schoolboy Knows, 1) (Every Schoolboy Knows, 1) (Every Schoolboy Knows, 1) Works Cited "What Every Schoolboy Knows." Life in
Elizabethan England, 27 March, 2008
Web. 13 September, 2012.
html>. "Elizabethan Wedding Customs." William
Shakespeare Info, 2005. Web. 13
September, 2012.
elizabethan-wedding-customs.html>. Family Life Crimes & Illness 1st class crimes were mostly rebellion, witchcraft, and spying
(Alchin, L.K.) 2nd class/ lower were mostly theft, begging, fraud
(Alchin, L.K.) Trials were corrupt
(Alchin, L.K.) They often ended in hanging, beheading, & whipping
(Alchin, L.K.) lack of sanitation bubonic plague, typhoid, gout, tuberculosis
(Alchin, L.K.) Physicians clothing -pointed hood
-leather gloves
-beaks with begamont oil
(Alchin, L.K.) Alchin, L.K. "Elizabethan Crime and Punishment."
Elizabethan Era, n.d. Web. 16, September,
Alchin, L.K. "Elizabethan Medicine and Illness."
Elizabetha Era, 16 May, 2005 Web. 16
September, 2012.
<http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/> Professions Women Obeyed men most illiterate; no careers home life depended on the ability to house keep if no doctor, was doctor of the family with available herbs The Whole Family based off of bible principles close knit model of society life expectancy
wealthy - over 42
poor - 42 went to protestant church Men could improve status of family through:
wealthier people
other families had power of household supported family through a variety of occupations Children obeyed and respected parents given toys to play with wealthy children taught good manners/ punished for bad manners The House dictated by wealth wealthy- marble floors
average- wooden floors no running water which increased risk for typhoid thatched roofs made a home for rats which could spread the plague (Alchin L.K. Elizabethan Family Life) (Elizabethan era) (Alchin L.K. Elizabethan Family Life) (Alchin L.K. Elizabethan Family Life) (Alchin L,K. Elizabethen Family Life) Alchin, L.K. "Elizabethan Family Life." Elizabethan
Era, n.d. Web. 16 Sept. 2012.

"Elizabethan Era." The Lost Colony, n.d. Web. 16
Sept. 2012. Alchin, L.K. "Elizabethan
Occupations and Jobs."
Elizabethan Era, N.D. Web. 17
Sept. 2012. Candle Maker "Elizabethan England Occupations."
Elizabethan England Life, N.D. Web.
17 Sept 2012. ( Elizabethan England Occupations) Carpenter - knew everything about wood ( Elizabethan England Occupations ) Jester - "fool" entertained king and queen Elizabethan England Occupations Page - young man, waited on Lords and other nobles ( Elizabethan England Life ) Cord Wainer - shoe maker ( Elizabethan Occupations and Jobs ) Physician - attended to injured people ( Elizabethan Occupations and Jobs ) Watchmen - guarded castle ( Elizabethan Occupations and Jobs ) Acrobat - entertained the people ( Elizabethan Occupations and Jobs ) Barber - cut hair, dentists, surgeons and blood letters. IMPORTANT. ( Elizabethan Occupations and Jobs )
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