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My Element: Copper

A simple report all about copper

nadia miller

on 20 December 2009

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Transcript of My Element: Copper

My Element copper! My Element
Copper ^ the Periodic Table of Elements ^ Cuprum! Fact: The Liberty Bell is entirely made of pure copper The Statue of Liberty The reason why its green is because the "skin" is made of copper and due to oxydation it turns green the green is called patina. 1982! in Copper atoms 8.1 trillion lbs 0.75 trillion lbs of copper is known to exsist only has been used REALLY!? Who discovered it? NO ONE KNOWS! :O Ancient uses: Uses today: How was it discovered? When was it discovered? Uses today? ALOT! What if... copper was low? copper was high? HIGH COPPER/ in the body
LOW COPPER/ in the body Why do we need copper O.o? to live AIR! How do you find it? Where is it found? Ancient uses? Atomic number 29 protons + 35 nuetrons = 64 # on periodic table of elements 29
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