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Copy of Fulbright Scholar Application Process

No description

Fulbright Iraq

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Fulbright Scholar Application Process

A Short Guide
to the Fulbright Scholars Program

What is the Fulbright Program?
Aims to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.
The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program.
Sponsored by the U.S. Government
The program was established in 1946 under legislation introduced by late Senator J. William Fulbright.
"Education is a slow-moving but powerful force."
Fulbright Visiting Scholars Program ... Are you eligible?
Good luck with your application!
Fulbright Team U.S. Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq

Copying from internet or other resources is considered plagiarism and will result in applicant’s immediate disqualification.
Are you an Iraqi citizen who is resident in Iraq and demonstrate a clear commitment to return to Iraq at the conclusion of the program?
Do you hold MA/MS degree with at least 5 years of university-level teaching experience and currently employed at an Iraqi university?
Currently enrolled in a PhD program, and possess at least 3 years of university-level lecturing experience?
Hold a PhD degree, no more than 5 years of teaching experience, and currently employed at an Iraqi university?
Do you have high proficiency in written and oral English?
Can you write a detailed project statement addressing your future plans, objectives and clear personal goals?
Must be working as a faculty member in an Iraqi University with teaching experience
Residents outside of Iraq cannot apply.
Why go on a Fulbright Scholars Program?
Build higher education capacity in Iraq.

Develop a network of American colleagues and forge new relationships between Iraqi and American universities.

Improve teaching methods and develop new curricula

Promote mutual understanding and cooperation between peoples of Iraq and the United States.

Before applying ... Eligibility check
Fulbright Scholars
How to apply ?

Application Procedure
Create an online application account

Things that you will need to submit your application
Step by step application
Frequently asked
Questions ?

Online application
Three letters of reference
To create an online account visit:
First name: exactly as it appears in your passport
Last name: exactly as it appears in your passport
Address line 1: name/number of your street
Address line 2: name of the district or quarter
Enter the name of your city
Select Non US
Zip code: enter 00000
Country: select Iraq

Check both of the boxes before proceding
click “Save and Continue”
select “Iraq”
select “Fulbright Foreign Student Program”
select “yes”
select “ graduate study”
Copy of passport
Copies of official undergraduate certificate
and transcripts
Submit your application!
Transcripts & Certificates
Project Statement
Resume (CV)
ITP / TOEFL score reports, if available.

The biographical page of your passport, if you have one.
Signature Form.
Recommendation forms
Step 8
Step 7
Step 6
Step 5
If I applied in the past and was not selected, do I still need to complete a full application to reapply this year?
Unfortunately you cannot re-use or re-submit a previously submitted application. Your old application has been archived and cannot be retrieved. You will need to create a new account and submit a new application.

The online application is available at:
How are applicants selected?
Fulbright grantees are selected via an open, merit-based competition. Individuals with competitive applications will be invited to take an exam of English proficiency and participate in an English language interview at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. The Embassy will then nominate finalists who will be further reviewed and ultimately selected by the Fulbright Programs Office in Washington, D.C.

All selected candidates must also receive medical clearance, approval by the Fulbright Scholarship Board, and be eligible to receive a J-1 visa before grantee status may be conferred.

Will I be able to enroll in English courses on campus?

English language courses are not provided through this program. All applicants must already possess the ability to communicate well in English in the graduate level academic environment.

Does the U.S. Embassy help me obtain leave to attend the program ?
Rules for obtaining study leave vary from university to university and between public and private sector.
Participants on the Iraq Fulbright Scholar Program are required to obtain permission for study leave or leave of absence on their own.
Program start / end dates will not be postponed
because of the inability to obtain leave.
The process for obtaining study leave should be started after interviews and notification of your status.
Are dependents allowed on the Fulbright Program?
Dependents are not allowed on the Iraq Fulbright Scholars Program. It is imperative that you discuss this issue with your family and that you prepare yourself for this time away.

The Essay
Application inspector
Check to see if your application is complete.  
For More Questions
If you have questions about the program, general inquiries, or suggestions, please contact us by email:


Letters of reference should not be written by friends or by persons related to you either by blood or marriage.
You must have
letters of reference.
Letters of reference should be written by a professional associate who knows you well, such as a teacher under whom you have studied, or pursued research, or someone who has supervised your work related to your proposed field of expertise.
At least one letter should be written by an academic contact and one by a professional or work contact.
The letters should be written in English, if possible. If they are not, an official English translation must be provided.
If you have problems uploading the letters of recomendation, please don't hesitate to contact us here:
Your recommenders have TWO ways in which they can submit their letters:
1) Your recommenders can complete the forms online and submit electronically. You must register your recommenders in your online application.
2) You can print out the Letter of Reference form and forward to your recommenders who will then complete the forms sign - stamp it and return to you then you upload the recomendation with your documents in your online application.
If you have no ITP/TOEFL you can still apply.
Compeitive applicants will be given the chance to take the TOEFL test at a later stage of the selection process.
While good content is critical, keep in mind that the project statment / objectives is also a test of your English and writing abilities.

For many universities, the Statement of Purpose is the only test of your English abilities outside of the TOEFL,
and it will be reviewed both on content and as a writing sample.
is one of the most important parts of your application.
It gives the Fulbright Selection Committee, as well as colleges and universities (if nominated), the best opportunity to learn more about you, your goals, and aspirations.

It is the part of the application that you have the most control over and that you should take the most time to complete.
Some questions and tips to consider while writing your essay:
Don't forget your SIGNATURE!
The program is fully funded and covers all cost of study, travel and living in the U.S.
What is the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program for Iraq?
A ten-week, non-degree professional and

program for 35 junior Iraqi scholars.

Four discipline
based cohorts each comprised of eight or nine junior Iraqi faculty will be hosted at select U.S. universities.

This is
a research program, though participants will be introduced to new research methods in their fields.

Upload supplemental documents
If you want to know more about the story of Senator J.William Fulbright and know more about the Fulbright program see:
what is the fulbright program
The project statment

Explain how participation in the program will benefit not only you, but also others (students, department, and administrators) at your university.
Which elements of faculty development and/or academic capacity building do you hope to concentrate on during your grant? (e.g. curriculum development, assessment, educational leadership, educational administration, academic governance, use of technology in the classroom, new methods/research tools in your field, etc.)
Explain why?
How do you plan to implement what you learn through participation in the program upon your return to your home country?
Explain the specializations or research interests within your broader academic field that you would like to explore through collaboration with U.S. faculty during your grant. What do you aspire to learn about American society and culture? Similarly, what aspects of your own culture, history, etc. do you wish to share with American faculty and others in the community where you will be living?

Final Step

The curriculum vitae describes academic credentials and demonstrates a record of scholarly achievements (document should not exceed six pages). When composing curriculum vitae, it is important to include:
Education (universities attended, degrees earned and dates received)
Professional positions held
Courses taught and other services provided to students and the home institution
Publications (provide full citations and list them starting with the most recent)
Other professional activities, such as workshops, seminars and consultations
Membership and activities in professional associations
Professional honors, awards and fellowships
Community service
The application asks for similar information, but provides limited space for answers.

In the curriculum vitae, you should expand upon these topics to present more completely your accomplishments.
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