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Verizon App Challenge

No description

Olimpia Stein

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Verizon App Challenge

Staying Fresh App Verizon App Challenge The making of The Concept Staying Fresh You are hungry and it will take you thirty minutes, at the least, to get to the nearest restaurant. Not wanting to drive the distance, you open up your fridge. Once the fridge is open, you notice that you have tons of produce that if not used soon you will exceed the expiration date. With all the unused produce you are indecisive in whether to throw the items away or to create a nice meal. Here is the problem What if there was an app that could put an end to this problem? We've got an To rid of the problem, our team have considered in creating an app that will generate recipes using any ingredients that you would enter. The name of the app is "Staying Fresh". With this app, the user would be able to efficiently use the ingredients that are in their kitchen to prepare multiple meals. The app is easy to access. The app creates many simple recipes. Due to its easy use, it will encourage users to use it over again. The Solution This is what the user who will use our app will experience... once the app is launched the first screen will present a Getting Started button which will allow to enter the app and an instructions button which will give directions on how to use the app. Surry TSA presents... idea! Once you have selected the "Getting Started" button, the fridge will open. A search bar, camera button, and three rows will appear. The first row will allow users to scroll through and select the ingredients the users have to be incorporated in the recipe . The second row will allow users to select the type of food they would like to cook, such as determining whether to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The third row will allow users select the specific they would to spend on preparing the meal.

After selecting all that is necessary for your meal, click the "Fix It"button. Next, a list of recipes will appear.

Once you select the name or image of the particular recipe you want, you will be able to view it and try it. Conclusion Was this app easy to use? Were you able to use your soon-to-expire ingredients in a tasty and timely manner? Are you going to use this app again? These are all questions that we trust will receive a positive answer from our busy schedule people, or older age crowd, or just teenagers wanting to learn how to feed themselves. We are confident that our app fills a gap in the marketplace. The app “Staying Fresh” will be created to think for you. What meal can one create with a refrigerator full of produce? Ask “Staying Fresh,” it will create a fabulous meal for you at just the click of a button.
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