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Israel-Palestine War

IHC Project- Jopescu Toh, Russell Ewe, Sit Han Yu, Chua Zong Han 4i2

Chua Zong Han

on 7 February 2011

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Transcript of Israel-Palestine War

Israel-Palestine war Causes Religion Massive influx of Jews in Palestine Arabs felt that their national identity was threatened Riots broke out 1921 Jaffa Riots: Clash between Jewish Communist Party and Ahdut HaAvoda Group Land Conflicts For hundreds of years, Arabs had occupied the land The Jews felt that the land had always belonged to them 1937 : Peel's Commission

Division of Palestine into two states: an Arab state and a Jew state, to be accorded by population size REJECTED TIMELINE Arab-Israeli War
(15 May, 1948 - 7 January, 1949 ) Israel and Arab agree to an armistice, Formation of Rhodes Armistice Lines
April 3, 1949 Suez War/Tripartite War
(October 23, 1956 - November 6, 1956) Six-Day War
June 5, 1967 - June 10, 1967 solutions Arab leaders meet to decide stance against Israel
September, 1967 War of Attrition
(July 1967 - August 7, 1970) Yom Kippur War
(October 6, 1973 - October 25, 1973) First Intifada
December 1987- April 1993 Peace treaty between Egypt and Israel

March 26 ,1979 Invasion of Lebanon by Israel to
attack the Palestinian Liberation
June 2, 1987 Second Intifada
September 2000 Gaza War
December 27, 2008 - January 18, 2009 Allon Plan One-State Solution Two-State Solution Problems with this solution Three-State Solution With credit to the following sites:
http://www.mideastweb.org/briefhistory.htm Done By: Chua zong han (01)
Russell EWE (16)
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