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Teen Dating - Pros and Cons

For COM 2211

Jare Hinten

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Teen Dating - Pros and Cons

Teen Dating Pros and Cons Relationships Bad things about teen dating Good things about teen dating Self-discovery and Behavior Abuse Too Far The Breakup Teens can learn how to better treat and interact with the opposite gender. Maturation Teens may mature into a more socially competent, experienced, and functional adults. Dating could help them determine what they like about it and what activities thy like doing when accompanied by another person. About one in three high school students have been or will be involved in an abusive relationship. By age 15, only 13% of teens have ever had sex. However, by the time they reach age 19, seven in 10 teens have engaged in sexual intercourse. The main thing that teens tend to remember
about their relationship is the breakup. They can learn what their strengths and weaknesses are when It comes to any type of relationship. A study was performed at the University of Texas at Austin, and researchers found that teens who had a girlfriend or boyfriend were less likely to engage in delinquent or dangerous behaviors when compared to teens without a partner. (Newchoisesinc.org) Teens can leave a relationship feeling so bad that they isolate themselves and have thoughts of suicide. It is so impacting and evident in today’s culture that nearly half the
songs played on the radio are about a breakups. (i.e. Taylor Swift) Is it good or bad.....or both? teens should make most most of the
decisions in a relationship, parents should be there to instruct, guide, and
mentor the teenagers into making
wise dating decisions. So how do they balance out? If the parents make most of the decisions for
the teen, the teen may turn to rebellion and
secrecy therefore forcing the parents to then
“lock-down” the child or never know about
the relationship. However, If the parents let the teenager feel in control they will be less likely to rebel or do things wrong out of spite. It is the parents responsibility to discern the
line between overpowering and no control.
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