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The Outsiders

No description

Heather Tills

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders

Finally Wed - Hand Out Review & Essay Options

Thurs - Continue Unit Review

Fri - Unit Test

Mon - Start Movie

Tues - Continue Movie & Unit Test Essays Due Chapter 1 & 2 "The Outsiders" Discussion Questions: Chapter 3 & 4 Discussion Questions: Chapter 9 & 10 Quiz Questions Chapter 5 & 6 Discussion Questions Chapter 7 & 8 Quiz Questions Core Questions Chapter 11 & 12 Quiz Questions Where, When, & What...
Behind the Scenes Written by S.E. Hinton Started writing "The Outsiders" at 15 and finished 2 years later

Published in 1967, Movie Released in 1983

Story inspired by an event at Hinton's high school in Tulsa, OK

"The Outsiders" is widely considered the first realistic young-adult novel, being written within the time period in which it was set and portraying characters based on people Hinton knew personally.
PonyBoy, for example, was inspired by her boyfriend at the time of the novel's composition

Hinton also wrote: Rumble Fish, Tex, Taming the Star Runner, That was Then, This is Now U.S.A in 1967... Lyndon Baines Johnson August 27, 1908 - January 22, 1973

Voted Vice President January 20, 1961

Appointed President after assassination of John F. Kennedy (November 22, 1963)

Greatly supported by the Democratic party, designing the "Great Society" legislation that began his "War on Poverty"

Re-Elected in 1964, escalating American involvement in the Vietnam War that stimulated a large antiwar movement

Succeeded by Richard Nixon on
January 20, 1969 President Music The Beatles The Monkees Elvis #1 Band The Who The Beach Boys The Rolling Stones Simon & Garfunkel Movies James Bond Cool Hand Luke The Graduate Casino Royale Bonnie & Clide You Only Live Twice Cool Hand Luke Starring Paul Newman Who is Paul Newman?
How is he important to "The Outsiders"? Drive-Ins Watching movies at the drive-in theater was the main weekend hang-out activity, especially for teenagers.

The car culture was a big part of society. You will notice that cars are often mentioned in the novel. Cars in the 1960s Chevy Corvair Ford Mustang Cars were a major status symbol.
Two popular models mentioned in "The Outsiders" are... Drive-In Restaurants Drive-in restaurants, much like the movie theaters, were popular places to hang out and show off cars. 1967 Social Groups & Fashion... Greasers - Rebellious working class youth
- Often part of a street gang
- Greased-back hair, jeans, leather jackets, t-shirts with rolled-up sleeves
- Known as "hoods"
- From the "wrong side" of town Ultimate Greaser Icon Socs (Pronounced So-Shez) - Rich kids from the "right" side of town
- Thought they were better than everyone else
- Pick fights with greasers
- Drove corvettes and wore madras (plaid shirts) The American Dream Happiness for decades of past Americas was defined by the ability to gain and maintain prosperous goods.

In "The Outsiders" you will see this idea in their efforts to obtain a girl, a car, some money, a strong group of friends, and likely an ice-cold bottle of soda. How have things changed today?
How have they stayed the same? 1960s Slang Hood Heater Broad Fuzz Cancer Stick Rumble Jumped Hacked Off Swipe / Lift / Rolled The Cooler Dig, Blade, Scrap, Rank, Savvy, Lone It, Slugged, Fly, Turf, Make Tracks, Tuff, Souped Up More topics developed in "The Outsiders": - The fight between rich & poor
- The journey from youth to adulthood
- What does it mean to be a hero?
- The power of friendship

Look through these topics as we read through the book. Remember, "topics" and "subjects" are not "themes," but they can be used to establish themes! *** * * (aka. A Weed) Susan Eloise Full Text:

...or Google "Mr. Clements Outsiders" (opt. 1) For Homework: Assigned Tues 3/5

- Complete Character Map
- Fill Out Packet-Ch. 2
- Study for Quiz (Intro-Ch. 2) 1) What is the name of the narrator of the story?

2) What are his two brothers' names?

3) Of his two brothers, which does the protagonist get along with the best?

4) Name and describe one feature of the Soc girl that spilled her pop at the drive-in.

5) What was the name of the drive-in they went to?

Bonus Question) How old is the narrator? Stereotypes -

How do you see them represented in this text?

In what ways does the experience you shared in your final homework assignment of the last unit relate to the experiences portrayed in "The Outsiders"?

In what ways do they differ? College or Traveling? -

What were the pros and cons you found when responding to the questions on page 2 of your packet?

How did it relate to the "exchange question":
What can life teach us that school cannot?

Do you think PonyBoy and his gang struggle with these questions?
- How-so? (Use examples from the text) Quiz Questions: For Homework: Assigned Wed 3/6

- Read-Ch. 4
- Packet-Ch. 4 (p. 7-8)
- Study for Quiz (Ch. 3-4) Introduction Review -

What have you learned so far about the greasers
and the Socials?

If South Christian were to be set in the culture and time period of this novel, who do you think you would likely hang out with?

What group or character do you identify with most?
Why? Character Review -

Get out your character maps, if you do not already have it on your desk.

Describe each of the characters we have been introduced to.

What are their physical features?

What do you know about their past?

What kind of a person are they? How do you know? Quiz Questions:
1) At the beginning of chapter 3, Ponyboy and Cherry discussed the difference between greasers and Socs.
What did Cherry say was the difference?

2) What did Pony originally assume the difference was, before Cherry began to change his mind?

3) In 1-3 words, describe Johnny's relationship with his father.

4) How did the Curtis brothers' parents die?

5) Describe Darry's reaction to Ponyboy staying out after curfew in a sentence or less.

Bonus) Define "delinquent." - Who is Dallas?

- Let's discuss the questions you wrote on the bottom of page 2 (from chapter 1-2).

- How about the ones on the bottom of page 7 (written about chapters 3-4)?

Cause --> Effect

Dallas teases Cherry and Marcia. -->

Ponyboy, Johnny, and Two-Bit walk the girls home. -->

The Socs Start a fight with Ponyboy and Johnny. -->

The boys ask Dallas for help. --> For Homework: Assigned Thurs 3/7

- Read-Ch. 6
- Packet-Ch. 6 (p. 9-10)
- Study for Quiz (Ch. 5-6) Take out:

Character Maps
Piece of Paper
Pen / Pencil Quiz Questions 1) In chapter 6, what happens to the church that Ponyboy and Johnny are hiding out in?

2) What caused this event? Be as specific as you can be.

3) How do Ponyboy and Johnny react when they find out about this problem? What about Dallas?

4) What aspect of Ponyboy's physical image does he say he is proud of? This is mentioned in your packet homework.

5) Ponyboy quotes a poem in chapter 5. Can you quote at least one line of that 8-line poem?

Bonus Question) Who was the author of that poem? Territory -

We're going to talk about the idea of territory, as mentioned in the packet.

What makes the greasers believe that fighting to determine their territory would be a good idea?

What problem would it solve for them?

In which ways does their culture affect their decision?

Would you participate in this fight? After saving the children from the fire, Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dallas become known as heroes.

What is strange about this? How is it ironic?

Do you think they deserve this praise? On the bottom of page 9, you created a question to exchange with a partner. Can you share this question with the class? Homework: Assigned Fri 3/8

- Read - Ch. 8
- Packet - Ch. 8 (p. 11-12)
- Study for Quiz (Ch. 7-8) Discussion Questions 1) Why did Sandy, Soda's girlfriend, move to Florida with her grandmother?

2) What does Ponyboy say Bob really wanted, especially from his parents?

3) How has Ponyboy's view of the Socs change at the end of this chapter?

4) What color are Cherry's eyes?

5) What does the newspaper title mean by "Juvinile Delinquents Turn Heroes"?

Bonus Question) Which side of town does Ponyboy live on, the East or the West? "'We gotta win that fight tonight,' Dally said. His voice was hard. 'We gotta get even with the Socs. For Johnny.'"
The Outsiders, Ch. 8, p. 125 Homework: Assigned Mon 3/11

- Read - Ch. 10
- Packet - Ch. 10 (p. 13-14)
- Study for Quiz (Ch. 9-10) Homework: Assigned Tues 3/12

- Read - End
- Packet - End (p. 15-End)
- Study for Quiz (Ch. 11-12) Discussion Questions Discussion Questions 1) Who is revealed as the author of this story? We find this out at the very end of the novel.

2) Why, in their own explanation, did this author choose to write this novel?

3) What does Johnny's note say is the meaning of the words "you're gold," taken from the Robert Frost poem?

4) What does Ponyboy say was the reason he pretended Johnny was not dead?

5) Where else do we see the last words of the novel?

Bonus Question) What does Two-Bit tell Ponyboy not to become within these chapters and what reason does he give? THE END

Do you like the ending?

Why do you think Hinton chose to end the novel this way?

How has Ponyboy's life changed throughout the events of the novel?
(Quote from page 162)

Would you consider this a happy ending?
A positive ending?
A redemptive ending? Any questions you would like to pose to the class? 1) Who won the rumble?

2) What excuse did Darry give the police when he was pulled over for speeding?

3) What were Johnny's last words?

4) Throughout these chapters, Ponyboy tries to hide the fact that he is feeling sick. Describe at least one of his symptoms and what they found out caused this sickness.

5) Who is by Ponyboy's bed when he wakes up from passing out from his sickness? Why is that significant?

Bonus Question) What was the name of the guy Darry fought first in the rumble with whom he had a face-off that began the event? In Chapter 9, Johnny dies in his hospital bed. This event is preceded by the long series of incidents we discussed may be caused by many parties involved.

Then, in Chapter 10, Dallas is shot by the police. At this point in the narrative, we are told that Dally's breakdown, the one that led him to pull a gun on the police, was caused by his desire to die.

First, do you believe this argument?

How do these deaths compare?

Can either Johnny or Dallas be considered heroes?

- If so, what did they do to justify that title?
- If not, which actions keep them from being considered heroes?

As the rumble is now over, do you think they succeeded in their plan to beat the Socs "for Johnny"?

Knowing the end result, would Johnny have wanted the fight to happen in the first place? In your packet, it asks what Ponyboy was worried he might not have asked Darry for while he was ill. How did you respond to this question?

What effect did this have on Ponyboy's conscience?

It also asked you to come up with a questions to exchange with a partner. Can you share some of these questions? "Some of us never cry at all. Like Dally and Two-Bit and Tim Shepard - they forgot how at an early age."
The Outsiders - Ch. 7, p. 103


"'Sure,' I said tiredly, 'we're young and innocent.'
'No,' Cherry said slowly, looking at me carefully, 'not innocent. You've seen too much to be innocent. Just not... dirty'"
The Outsiders - Ch. 2, p. 26 "'Hey,' I said suddenly, 'can you see the sunset real good from the West Side?'

She blinked, startled, then smiled. 'Real good.'

'You can see it good from the East side, too,' I said quietly.

'Thanks, Ponyboy.' She smiled through her tears. 'You dig okay.'

She had green eyes. I went on, walking home slowly."

The Outsiders, Ch. 8, p. 130 "Socs were just guys after all. Things were rough all over, but it was better that way. That way you could tell the other guy was human too."
The Outsiders, Ch. 7, p. 118 How does this rumble begin? Who participates in the initial faceoff and how do they know each other?

What could have brought them to this current situation?

We have discussed that greasers share a closeness with one another, as they seem to care so much about one another despite their otherwise emotionless reputation.

How do you see this in these chapters?

Do their actions contradict this idea at all? Darry Curtis vs. Paul Holden:

High school friends & football teammates What do we learn about Sandy and her relationship with Sodapop in Chapter 12?
(Quote from page 174)

How does this change our opinion of each character?
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