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Folk songs from all around the world. Feb 2014

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Helena Sundström

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Folk songs from all around the world. Feb 2014

Folk songs all around the world
Balatonboglár, Hungary
Our first Skype meeting with a class was with a class from Balatonboglár. Both classes sang folk songs and we talked about our different folk dresses and instruments.

Later we did another Skype meeting with another class from here. We are going to continue to collaborate with them. Next step is to record one of our songs and send to them.
Radcliff, Kentucky, USA
In Radcliff we met a teacher and some of his classes. We have sung some Swedish folk song for them, danced with them and talked about our different school subjects on several occasions.
Adelaide, Australia
At first, we started this Skype in the classroom with a relative of Helena. She (Karen) showed us a didgeridoo and we sang Swedish folk songs to her.
This is our school. I (Helena) am the music teacher and my students are 13-16 years old. This started as an experiment using folk songs to connect classes around the world.
Pitalito, Huila, Colombia
In Pitalito we found a teacher and his students that we shared folk music with. They told us about their country, music and dances and we told them about ours. After this experience we stayed in touch with each other.
Helmville, Montana, USA
In Helmville, we met some students that had made an awesome presentation about their different types of folk music. We sang two songs for them and then we talked about school and music.
A folk dress (from Luleå, Sweden)
Bergskolan, Luleå
One of my classes singing for the Hungarian class
My students singing and playing for the students in Pitalito
Mugla, Turkey
In Mugla we met a class that we shared folk songs with. We also talked about our different instruments.
My students singing for the class in Mugla
Modern jojk (we didn't sing this one)
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