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How to Study for Stats

No description

Brittney Urban

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of How to Study for Stats

Study Tips for Stats
Practice Exams
(We used these to practice material similar to what is on the exam)
Exam Specifics

Which statistical test to use?
Test Day!
Making It to Class
Class time is important. This is your time to practice material.
Time Management
Use a Planner
Space Out Your Studying
We are busy! Write down any important dates not just due dates.
Spend time doing things for yourself
If you miss class you will have to make up the work anyway.
Don't be afraid to ask questions!
You can be successful in Stats class if you follow these simple tips from other students!
Assess strengths and weaknesses
Focus on weak points and spend less time on the things you already know
Treat it as the real exam
Flow charts are great ways to help identify which test to use!

Recognizing key words, such as "percent" or "matched" are guides to choosing the correct statistic.
Get a good nights sleep
Sleep deprivation is similar to drinking alcohol.
If you're struggling with a problem, come back to it later
Warning Signs!!!
Why Stats Matters
We find ourselves using statistics everyday
Getting behind in class
Knowing how they relate to us allows us to be better consumers and better informed
Regardless of your major you will have to interact with research
Feeling lost in the material and not getting help.
Cramming the night before the exam.
APA style write ups:
Practice the write ups by having a sample next to you as a guide

How to break up study time
Work on a chapter a day
Understand the concept before moving on. Stats builds on itself.
Go through the exam without your book first
Limit distractions
Effective use of the Practice Exam
Once weaknesses have been identified, go back to the exam and with the help of your book figure out how to do the problem
If you need more practice, try to complete practice problems from the book

Extra Credit!
Go to Blackboard and answer a question to receive extra credit!
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