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erika steinger

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Unit3Lesson3

Types of Dialogue
Indirect Dialogue
paraphrase of what is said by a character or narrator
doesn't require quotation marks
I told my teacher that my dog ate my homework.
Types of Dialogue
Direct dialogue
Exact words spoken by a person
Must have quotation marks
"It is time to write a TEXAS paragraph," said Mrs. Stark.
Understanding Dialogue
Creating Dialogue
Do Now
Get your Springboard books, then copy down the EQ and the word of the day

Answer the following question in your notebook
How would you describe life post-Zombie Apocalypse?
If America were to succumb to a Zombie Apocalypse, what would you miss the most?
Racial segregation in South Africa
Non-white citizens could not vote, were forced to live in separate areas from the whites and use separate facilities
Enforced by the all-white government
Occurred between the years 1948-1994
Came to an end due to negotiations led by Nelson Mandela, after being released from a 27 year imprisonment
Narrative Technique:
What purpose does it serve?
gives information to the reader
background information about a character
relationships between characters
advances the plot

Types of dialogue
Direct dialogue
Indirect dialogue
Thursday, December 11th
During Reading
Note the dialogue and dialogue tags
Focus question:
What purpose does dialogue serve in Mathabane's autobiography, "Kaffir Boy"?
Fill out the graphic organizer on page 102
Use examples of direct and indirect dialogue from the story
Turn indirect dialogue into direct dialogue
Show your understanding of the purpose of dialogue by answering the reading focus question in a TEXAS paragraph
Use dialogue (direct or indirect) from the text as evidence
What purpose does dialogue serve in Mathabane's autobiography, "Kaffir Boy?
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