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Pokemon X and Y

No description

Shane Lohr

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y
The Basics
X and Y are set in the Kalos Region, and the geography is based on France.
The release date was October 12, 2013.
The developer of Pokemon X/Y is Game Freak.
The New Starters
Froakie-A Water Type
Fennekin-A Fire Type
Chespin-A Grass Type
The All New Fairy-type!!

Fairy-type Pokemon are super effective on Dragon,Fighting,and Dark types.
Fairy types are not very effective on Fire,Poison,and Steel types.
Fairy types take massive damage from Poison and Steel types.
Fairy types receive very little damage from Fighting,Bug,and Dark types.
Eevee has a new evolution:Sylveon- a Fairy type Pokemon.
In Pokemon X and Y,some Pokemon are able to evolve even further,known as mega-evolution.It is said that two items are needed to make mega-evolution happen.
Most Pokemon you will encounter and catch will evolve.Maybe they have evolved from other Pokemon.It could be both!!Some Pokemon evolve with stones,with a high friendship, and others evolve in
certain locations.
There are a total of 18 different types in the Pokemon world, including water, grass, and fire. There is a new type as well.
Your first Pokemon could be:
Raising Pokemon
Just like the other games, Pokemon
learn moves by leveling up. They level up by earning Exp.(Experience) Points. To earn them Pokemon must defeat others in trainer battle,
wild Pokemon, and other ways.
If you raise Pokemon, they will eventually like you.
Gym Leaders
Every Pokemon game has
Gym Leaders. A Gym Leader is
a very strong trainer that will
give you a badge that you beat him/her and a TM.
This here is Viola, the Bug Type Gym Leader of Santalune City
New Pokemon
There are over 60 new
Pokemon home to the
Kalos region.
Gogoat, a new grass type Pokemon
Pokemon X/Y Sales
They are on for sale on
the Pokemon website
Over 2 million units were sold in the United States
Pokemon X and Y was the fastest selling title in Nintendo eShop history
Nintendo 3DS console reports a 135% increase in sales four weeks after the launch of the game
The Mega Ring
The Mega Stone
evolutionary chain
The Pokedex
The Pokedex is a high-tech
device that records Pokemon
data.It gets some data by running
into a Pokemon,and gets full data
by catching the certain Pokemon. There are three parts of the Pokedex:
Central,Coastal,and Mountain Kalos.
Your Friends
In Pokemon X and Y, you
travel the Kalos region with
four friends.
Ways to Battle
There are several ways to have a Pokemon battle.There are single(one-on-one),
double and multi(two pokemon on each side)triple(three on three),
and rotation(three on three,
battlefield turns or "rotates").There is a new battle format-Sky Battles.
Depending on the gender of your player, you will travel with Serena or Calem
Pokemon Moves and Types
Every Pokemon has moves.There are over 600 moves in Pokemon X and Y.Every Pokemon has a type, such as
.Just like Pokemon having types, moves have types as well.Pokemon have strengths and weaknesses.For example,a level 29 Pikachu can have the advantage in a battle versus a level 33 Fletchinder if it can strike its weak points

Sylveon, a
new evolution
of Eevee
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