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Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output, Storage Devices

Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output, Storage Devices for KS2 pupils

James Mistry

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output, Storage Devices

for KS2 Pupils Advantages & Disadvantages - Input, Output, Storage Devices However a pen drive can also be a storage device. Input Devices examples: Input devices are devices that you can use with a computer that provides an input to a computer , e.g. a mouse, keyboard, web cam, pen drive or gaming controllers. All these sends a signal from them to the computer.
Advantages of input devices are that they can make navigating or gaming or staying in contact easier, however they may have different buttons to the computer so they may not work as smoothly.
Web cam: Advantage- Allows you to see your family through the computer.
Disadvantage- People who you may not want may see you. What are Input devices? Examples of Output Devices An out put device is a device that the computer sends a signal to e.g. a speaker. It sends a signal out that tells the speaker to play the sound/music that is wanted. Advantages of output devices are that they can give a better clarity to the output wanted. However there are so many specs for all different devices so it could be confusing on which to buy.
Printer: Advantage- Allows you to take your work where ever you want in paper form.
Disadvantage- It costs a lot of money to refill the ink cartridges. What is an Output Device? Storage Devices examples A storage device is a device that you can save work, images etc on. This is where the computer saves a document onto the specified device e.g. a pen drive.
Pen Drive: Advantage- You can have a back k up of all your work.
Disadvantage- You could take viruses from computer to computer. What is a storage device? Thanks for watching
By James Mistry Hope you have enjoyed this presentation on devices of a computer. They have made "eye" computers for physically disabled people.They can control the computer with the movement of their eyes. This is similar to what Steven Hawkins uses to communicate. Computers for Disabled People WELCOME
Hope you enjoy...
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