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New Teacher Training

No description

Maurice Porter

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of New Teacher Training

New Teacher Training

Section One

School Procedures
Parent Communication

Section Two
Instructional Coach and Lead Mentor
Welcome to HMTCA and Congratulations on being transferred, scoring at your interview, or accidentally landing here at our AWESOME school!
Parent School Compact
Autumn Baltimore
Middle School Schedule
Middle School Teachers teach on a rotating schedule.
CONFUSED....let me explain
High School Schedule
High school teachers follow the same schedule for 90 days. Give or take a couple of snow days, testing days, or mental break days.
Encore Schedule

Middle School
-Rotates on a Blue, White, and Gold schedule.

High School
-Rotates on a 1...2...1...2...1...2

Activity: Scavenger Hunt
Team Leader Roles
Coaches' Role

Team Leaders

They support you with
-Parent Communication
-Decision Making
-Academic and Behavioral Strategies
-Link between the Administration Team
Team Leaders are veteran teachers that organize, support, and run your Team.

-Academic Strategies
-Planning with your partner or others in your department

Advisory is a time were you get to meet students in your Homeroom. Not only will you be mentoring your students, but you will be working with a Partner to do this as well.
-Student Led Conference
-School Papers
-Parent Communication
-Life Skills
-Getting to know the school's culture
-Building a relationship with your Advisory
Parent Communication
All teachers are required to communicate with Parents/Guardian. Therefore, here at HMTCA all teachers use technology to inform Parents of Homework by 4:00 p.m.
-Remind 101
-Twitter Account
Weekday Meetings
All teachers are required to attend their weekly meetings for 45 min of their planning block.

Monday-Kid Day
Wednesday-Team Meetings
Thursday-Interdisplinary/Parent Communication
Friday- Professional Development (PD)
Section Three
Parent Communication
Weekly Meetings
Is an online grading program that you can access from anywhere such as an Ipad, phone, or computer.

Can you use a grading book?

Sure, but you will have to enter your grades into powerschool afterwards

When are grades due?

All grades should be entered every 3rd block. This is required by every teacher at HMTCA and will be monitored by Administration
Office Essentials
Sherrille Payne is the BEST person to have on your side. Not only is she Mrs. Biggs, Executive Secretary, but she is a wonderful and kind person who always has the answer and advice you need. Love Her!
Advisory Time
Advisory happens at the beginning of the day. There are two teachers assigned to each advisory class.

Scholar Hour: High School students will have a 45min session during certain days of the week where students can study, get help, or work on projects.
Advisory Time:

5 min Homeroom (Beginning of the day)

25 min Advisory (End of the day)

Library/Media Procedures
The Teacher of the Year 2013
Mr. Bengiovanni
Coaches' Role
Middle School Ice Cream Social
August 21

High School Welcome Back Barb-b-que
August 20
5:30-7 @ Trinity's Lawn
I know you have some..
Autumn Baltimore
Office: Upstairs in the Coaches Suite
First Day of School
Let's observe this teacher.
Every year teachers both new and seasoned join HMTCA committees that will help foster the growth of the school, as well as building the school's culture. Meetings will be held one Tuesday out of the month.
TEAM Mentoring Program
TEAM is a program that you will participate in during your first two years of teaching in order to secure your Connecticut State Lincesure.

-You will be given a TEAM Mentor
-Be responsible for attending TEAM Meetings
-You will complete 5 modules that help you reflect on your teaching practices.

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