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Sigmund Freud Presentation


jonathan vo

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of Sigmund Freud Presentation

Sigmund Freud Personality Development Id/Pleasure Principle Ego/ Reality Principle Superego Libido Ego Ideal Fixation on Phychosexual Stages Oedipus Electra Complex Freud believed this pleasure system is driven by Sex.
It is the major component to our unconscious and our desires. He believed that the Id comes out in our dreams, but in is not shown in consciousness due to the 2 other Principles. Superego is the "moral watchdog" of our reality principles. Our ego and Id would make a total selfish and sex-driven personality. The superego strives for perfection and is controlled by morals taught to us by society. These morals include honesty, integrity, respect etc. The ego is the inner image of one wants to become alternatively.
This is held in the superego of our unconscious and contains the perfect and ideal image of one's self.
The ego uses this perfect and ideal image and strives for this perfect image . Oral Stage- This stage occurs from birth to around early stages of infancy. This occurs because all stimulus from Humans come from the mouth, such as food and breastfeeding.
Anal Stage- This occurs when the human learn to potty train. This stage can affect how the human develops. This stage can result in a anal retentive personality, which can lead into an obsessive cleanliness, or Anal Expulsive, which can result in a dirty lifestyle.
Phallic Stage- Focus changes from the anus to the genitals, which can result in two complex's, Oedipus and Electra. During this stage, a boy would gain masculine personalties, while a women would gain feminine personalities.
Latency Stage- The stage is one of the least productive stages, as nothing really occurs during this stage. Boys play with boys, and girls play with girls.
Genital Stage- This is when puberty occurs and sexual desires, with the opposite sex occurs began to arise. -The Oedipus/ Electra complex is a Freudian Theory that states that children began to develop sexual affection towards their opposite sex parent.
-This usually occurs during the Phallic Stage, where a young child has a natural love his the opposite sex parent, which can result into an aggression and jealousy towards the same sex parent. Defense Mechanisms Sigmund Freud K-Pax Analysis: prot -Born in May 06, 1856 and died on September 23, 1939.
-Known as the father of modern psychology and psychoanalysis.
-Famous for his theories on psychoanalysis and personality development.
-He studied at the college of Vienna and had a psychiatric clinic at the Vienna General Hospital.
-Born in the Austrian town of Freiberg, but spent most of his life in the city of Vienna.
-His revolutionary ideas were groundbreaking and the most influential ideas in psychology for the 20th century, and changed the thought about psychology. - The libido refers to a humans natural desire for sex and pleasure.
-Derived from the id, and the source of all behavior.
-The libido is what drives and motivates humans to do things, such as work and exercise
- -Defense Mechanisms is a psychological strategy derived from our unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality.
-This is done to protect one's self from a situation that one cannot currently cope with and handle.
These defensive mechanisms include projection, rationalization, isolation, repression, and supression. Prot is a unique individual, by our standards who was deprived of all nurture, because there were no families on his home planet K-Pax, thus he was forced to grow up independently. Without prot being able to go through the psychosexual oral stage, he was unable to develop a sense of belonging. This resulted in him isolating himself from others, and having trouble to develop relationships with some of the mental patients. This resulted in a detachment between most of the doctors in the ward, as well as a lack of affection towards others in regards to himself. The Id, Ego, And Superego Review! -The ego seeks to please the id in a realistic way.
-Prevents us from acting on our basic urges (id), while balancing between the morals and idealistic standards (superego).
-The ego works as the middle part or fulcrum of a seesaw balancing the too opposites of the super ego and the id creating, a more logical and reasonable solution to achieve what we want. Ego Id Superego
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