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World War 2 - bomb shelters and keeping safe

this prezi is about bomb shelters and keeping safe

Rachel Gray-Brown

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of World War 2 - bomb shelters and keeping safe

World War 2

Bomb shelters
Keeping Safe

what are bomb shelters
gas masks
Morrison shelter
what was in a bomb shelter
Anderson shelter
what are bomb shelters
what was in a bomb shelter
gas masks
Morrison shelter
Anderson shelter
Underground railway
Other places to use as a shelter
My bomb shelter
Bomb shelters or air raid shelters as you would call them were used as a protection for the people of World War 2. It kept them safe from the bombs and the enemies weapons, people would quickly get into their air raid shelters if they heard the sirens.
Most families

had a bomb shelter and they would need lots of supplies in their shelter to keep them alive. Each bomb shelter either had a bed or a hammock for mostly each person and each person would have clothes and toys or books if they were a child. Lots of families inside their shelter kept board games, biscuits and cartons of juice and some people if they were lucky had cookers, stoves and maybe even toasters. Some children got scared during wartime air raids so it was reported in a wartime magazine to read them Enid Blyton stories to keep them calm.
When the government of Great Britain thought that the Axis countries were going to come and drop gas bombs they came up with the idea of gas masks. They helped because when you put it on the gas from the air would not enter the breathing vent of the mask so you would be able to breathe during an attack of gas bombs. For children gas masks were quite frightening so they made mickey mouse gas masks for children so they wouldn't get as scared, but soon the idea of the mickey mouse gas masks was rejected because of the price.
Morrison shelters were made to be inside houses and it was basically a steel table with mesh around it and if you were inside it you felt like you were squashed into a cage like a pet.The shelter was strong enough that if the roof of the house fell you would be safe.
Anderson shelters have "corrugated" roofs which means that the roof is made wavy and kept the shelter strong because usually soil was spread over the top. Some people enjoyed planting flowers or growing vegetables on top.
If the enemy were coming in war planes to attack and drop bombs the air raid sirens would go off. This would mean that everyone had to get into their Anderson shelter or Morrison shelter or even get onto an underground railway platform to keep them safe from bombs. When the government decided that all of the attackers were gone they sounded the all clear siren to make sure everyone knew that all the enemies had gone and they can come out from their shelters.
ARP- Air Raid Precautions were organized by the government and given by the local people. Their aim was to protect people from the danger of air raids. Each ARP had to carry three electric torches, three whistles, two hand rattles and a bell.
In world war 2 some people didn't have bomb shelters, so instead when the sirens went off they rushed onto underground railway platforms to keep safe from bombs as it was directly underground so mostly no bombs could get in. People used to wait on trains coming in so they could get the food that the trains were carrying.
Underground railway
If some people couldn't get onto an underground railway platform they used to go into a public bomb shelter, they were made of concrete and brick but they were not as strong as they looked. Families who didn't have a bomb shelter and didn't have time to get to an underground railway or public shelter used their stairs instead as it was one of the safest places in most houses.
other places to use as a shelter
my bomb shelter
As my personal project I have chosen to make an Anderson shelter I have used these resources to make it:
brown paint
green carpet
furniture my Dad and I made
pens and a ruler
scissors and sellotape
skin tights
cous cous and rice This is how I made it...

all pictures from google images
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