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The Woolly Mammoth By: Blakke Springob

No description

Blakke springob

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of The Woolly Mammoth By: Blakke Springob

Created By Blakke Springob The Woolly Mammoth What was that big animal?
It's called a Woolly Mammoth. You may not Know much about the Woolly Mammoth because they are an extinct species. The reason that caused their extinction was because of effects on the climate and human hunting. It was likely that at the end of the ice age people had hunted the last of them to extinction. Many bones and frozen carcases where
found in north America and northern Eurasia.
But the best preserved cases were found in Siberia. These type of preserves rarely ever happen, basically requiring the animal to have been buried quickly in liquid or semi-solids like silt, mud and icy water, then they froze. This may have happened in a lot of different of ways. Mammoths may have been trapped in bogs or quicksands and could have died of starvation or exposure, or they could have drowned. The woolly mammoth could way up to 8 tons. Also, they where about 9 to 12 feet tall. That`s not noticeably taller than a Asiatic elephant. Did you know that their where dwarf mammoths? They weighed up to 8 tons and where 6 to 7.5 feet tall. http://tossot92.hubpages.com/hub/woolly-mammoths-facts Mammoths are ancient mammal of the elephant family; they existed on the earth about 5 millions years ago in Asia, Europe and North America. Most of there population live in North America. In the last ice age they came to Siberia to find food. During that time was when Men of early age made their weapons, ate flesh of animals and lived in caves. Mammoths are one of the prehistoric animals whose fossils were found in large amount. - By: Blakke Springob That concludes my project on the Woolly Mammoth P.s, All pictures are from Google
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