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ACT Prep - English Breakdown

No description

Ramsey Hinkle

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of ACT Prep - English Breakdown

The English ACT
Two types of questions:

Usage/Mechanics -

Rhetorical Skills -
Usage/Mechanics Qs
The Content
Technical Aspect - rules of standard English apply
Almost always underlined in text
i.e. - The girl walking the dogs have sleek, brown hair
B. are
C. has
D. do not have
Punctuation (10 Questions)
Basic Grammar and Usage (12 Questions)
Sentence Structure (18 Questions)
Total Questions - 40
ID and correct misplaced, misused, or missing
Most commonly tested
Basic Grammar and Usage
Usually target a single incorrect word that
violates the rules of grammar

Most Commonly Tested
Agreement issues (nouns/verbs; nouns/pronouns)
Pronoun and verb forms and cases
Rhetorical Skills Qs
Test your ability to refine (make better, remove issues) written English
Require a bit of intuition, but it's intuition you can develop with practice

Writing Strategy (12 Questions)
Organization (11 Questions)
Style (12 Questions)
Total - 35 Questions
Writing Strategy
Mostly concerned with the passage's effectiveness
You must understand the point, purpose, and tone

Most common
Best way to support a point with evidence
How to introduce/conclude paragraphs
How to make transitions between...
Deals with individual sentences, individual paragraphs, or
the whole passage

Will ask you to restructure the passage or paragraph
Decide on best placement of a word or phrase in a
Sentence Structure
These types of questions test you
on sentence structure as a whole

Most commonly tested
Clause relationships
Placement of modifiers
Questions focus on effective word choice

Often ask you to eliminate redundancy or
select most appropriate word/phrase

You'll have to understand the tone of the
passage and have a good eye for clear
written English
5 Passages
75 Questions
45 Minutes

SKIM the entire passage first - if you can skim a passage (5 of them) quickly, do it! It'll keep you from making errors

Answer the questions in order - English questions deal with a certain area of a passage; it could get confusing otherwise

Guess and move on - if you come to a Q that you can't answer, circle to come back and/or guess right away

Eliminate answer choices - you might not know the correct answer, but you might know which ones are NOT correct. Narrow the field.

Choose "NO CHANGE" and "OMIT" - Don't overlook it ("NO CHANGE" is correct about 20% of the time). "OMIT" can rid the passage of redundancy at times.
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