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Leveraging Universities for Social Enterprise

No description

Erin Berkenmeier

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Leveraging Universities for Social Enterprise

Global Social Benefit Incubator Center for Science Technology and Society Santa Clara University International Association of Jesuit Business Schools Leveraging Universities for Social Enterprise Erin Berkenmeier, Marketing Manager, GSBI Santa Clara University Advanced Scholarship
Inspired Potential Workforce
Promotional Allies
Grant Allies Why Work with a University? Imagine having a PhD Engineer look at your light or engine design? Or better yet, test it in their lab?

Or imagine having an executive with 25 years Silicon Valley Experience look at your business plan?

University faculty members have the background and expertise to provide unparalleled mentorship. Why aren't they doing more then? Well they are geographically locked most of the time, and focused on teaching, but welcome the opportunity to introduce field experience into the classroom. Advanced Scholarship If you're looking for a valuable audience to promote to, why not University alumni? Your organization can be the story that is featured in University communications directly to their alumni and friends. The Santa Clara University Alumni network has over 70,000 members who receive monthly and quarterly communications.

If you're looking for R&D funding on the tech side, then consider partnering with an engineering faculty member on a grant. Their academic authority can lend valuable strength to the application. But note that academic timelines are slower than corporate timelines, so funding may not come as quickly as you expect. University Allies College students are capable and eager to find careers in growing companies. Plus they have the flexibility to work abroad in diverse cultural settings.
Contact a University Career Center
Structured internship program
Running senior design project with a faculty member could provide annual review or research Inspired Workforce Who should I contact? Universities are large organizations and it can be difficult to discern who to contact. If you're set on a specific type of project and don't care which school it is, then I suggest searching for research center or centers that focus on your sector. For example, we work with social enterprises, so if you searched center + social benefit we're up there. You can also see if a certain faculty member has a research area interest that matches yours. This can take a bit of digging, but most faculty have information on what they have published or are currently researching. If you're set on a specific University in your area, I suggest looking to see if they have a social entrepreneurship center, or business research center, or they might have a developing world engineering lab like Santa Clara does. Search for a University Lab or Center When to search for a staff member When to search for a faculty member Cases from SCU Frugal Innovation Lab Field Partnerships Senior Design In Ghana GSB Fellowship GSB Fellowship GSB Fellowship GSB Fellowship Rural Water filtration in Honduras Hapinoy and SCU Trustee PR for your organization Tourism Social Media References for other awards or grants - a student and faculty engineering lab for the developing world Santa Clara University, a comprehensive Jesuit, Catholic university located in California’s Silicon Valley, offers its 8,377 students rigorous undergraduate curricula in arts and sciences, business, and engineering, plus master’s, Ph.D., and law degrees. Distinguished nationally by the fourth-highest graduation rate among all U.S. master’s universities, California’s oldest operating higher-education institution demonstrates faith-inspired values of ethics and social justice. Thousands of fans, follows, and connections Leveraging Universities for Social Enterprise Erin Berkenmeier, Marketing Manager, GSBI Santa Clara University facebook.com/csts.scu



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