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Elementary Education

senior project

hillary nelson

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Elementary Education

Elementary Education by: Hillary Nelson Personal Qualities Patience
Time management
Good manuscript People Children of all types
Parents This - Red
That - Blue
Have - Green
What - Yellow
Our- Orange Duties . Teaching Basics History Education? Sight Words Overcome challenges mathematics
language arts
reading basic life skills Physical Education Music 100 BC
"Normal schools"
America Became independent= better schools grade papers
assign homework
evaluate students
make lesson plans
Prepare for standardized tests Bachelor's degree
student teaching Job stability
Nation wide salary $52,602
Local salary $44,260
1.6 million jobs available
Job availability will grow 17%
Benefits Work Place Grade schools Works Cited Akers-Cross, Denise, Mrs. "My Interview with Mrs. Cross." Personal interview. 8 Feb. 2013.
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"Summary." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, n.d. Web. 07 Feb. 2013.
"Early Childhood Education." Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College. N.p., n.d. Web. 07 Feb. 2013. A sight word is any word that is known by a reader automatically Healthcare
Vacation time
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