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Andrew Polk

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Nucleus

Cell Theory
The Nucleus is like a motherboard because the motherboard directs all the information and holds on to all the individual parts. The Nucleus directs cellular activities and contains all genetic information.
The Mitochondria is like the power supply in a computer because the power supply converts the electricity
into power for the computer to use. The Mitochondria converts food into usable energy for cell functions.
The Cytoplasm is not like a specific part in the computer it is all the little parts on the motherboard combined and it is like the Cytoplasm because the Cytoplasm is between all the other structures.
Golgi Body
The Golgi Body is like the USB and the RAM sticks in a computer because they storage information and can also be taken out of the computer and transported to another computer. The Golgi Body packages molecules for storage and transportation out of the cell.
Cell Membrane
A Cell Membrane is like a computers firewall because a firewall moves ifnformation in and out it and checks it to make sure it is safe. A Cell Membrane controls the movement of nutrients, waste, and other materials in and out of the body.
The Vascuole is like a hard drive
because a hard drive stores information
like a Vasculoe stores water, wastes and
Ribosomes are like operating systems in the computer because the operating systems provide structure for the programs to create content. The ribosomes build protien which then maintains the structures for the DNA in the cells.
How Animal Cells Are Linked To A Computers Parts
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